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  1. Oh my gosh, I know. I always ask myself why people get so upset over only being friends with someone. I also wonder why people find it so weird when I am only friends with someone of the opposite gender or want to be freidns with them without it leading to a romantic relationships. I always get down talked when I make a big deal about a friendship and degraded when I talk about how much having freinds means to me. Its like it offends people for no good reason that I want deep, meaningful relationships without ever having a romantic one.
  2. I see no reason why civil unions half to be marriage only, hetero or homo. I want a queerplatonic relationship with another woman and do not want to get married. I also want to become a mother and do not want to get pregnant. So yeah, it would be great if I could have the same rights any married heteroromantic heterosexual.
  3. Its pretty clear that they are different, considering less that twenty percent of asexuals also being aromantic and plenty of aromantics who are not asexual.
  4. I agree with the whole thing in the asexual community with being romantic. As much as I love the support I get in ace spaces for not wanting sex or often being annoyed with the over sexualization in the mainstream media, there is still a lot of discussion and centering around having sexless romantic relationships or being in a romantic relationship with a sexual person. I honestly wish there was more talk on being aromantic as well. While I am aroace, the aromantic part effects my life much more because no matter where I go outside of aro spaces, general lgbt+ or asexual, there is still so muc
  5. Queen Elizabeth The First of England could have been aromantic. She claimed she could never see herself or with with a relationship with a man and instead would prefer to focus on ruling her kingdom. If you look into her history, she was quite the independent woman and loved outdoor sports like archery and hunting. She was also very smart and could read in three languages as well as speak in six. She was also a religious prodestant and Jesus himself could have very well been an aromantic asexual. Last, she was one of England's beloved rulers on top of all this.
  6. I think spaces for lgbt+ people in general should be inclusive of people who are ace or aro that want to be a part of their spaces and support their fellow gay, bi, trans, etc. people. I honestly see no reason why you wouldn't want to be a part of the moment for people be be seem and accepted regardless of sexual or gender identity and more, but I personally do think you have the right to label yourself as a part of the group as a whole if you don't fit being cisgender, heteroromantic, and heterosexual or are intersex.
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