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  1. I ship fictional characters alot, although it's mainly a holdover from my teenage days back when I thought I was still allo. I don't do this with any new fandoms I get into, although I do it with old fandoms I've been a part of for a while.
  2. DJ and Eva from Total Drama series are both aro to me
  3. Ideally I just want a studio apartment for me myself and I! But rent is shit expensive these days so realistically I'd be forced to share an apartment with other people. As long as I sleep in my own bed (or even a sleeping bag) I'm fine.
  4. Amen to that. My parents can barely handle me and my brother even though they both have stable full-time 6-figure jobs lol. What the hell is society thinking, pressuring people to have kids?
  5. Is it possible to be aroace and lesbian at the same time? I'm not interested in sex or romance in any way, but I still feel attracted to women pretty strongly in a platonic (sometimes queerplatonic) and aesthetic way. What does this make me?
  6. Autistic (confirmed) and a shitton of personality disorders (SzPD, AvPD, and PPD suspected). I think being autistic makes it easy for me to stay home during a pandemic. I was already kinda germaphobic and touch-averse and repulsed by large gatherings even before the pandemic. Never really saw the appeal of bars or concerts or sports games, and I always preferred to eat restaurant food take-out instead of sit-down. So it's easy as fuck for me to stay at home every day. I suspect that my autism has an influence on my aromanticism and vice versa. I have a hard time relating to other people d
  7. A bit late to the thread, but I'm a Chinese-American college student. My parents strongly frowned upon highschool relationships which weirdly enough didn't bother me at all. My parents are massively homophobic and transphobic but weirdly enough they don't care about the fact that I've never dated before and I'm not interested in relationships. However, they don't know anything about aromanticism so they just think I'm too busy to date people (I'm a physics major, that's probably why). However, my parents do want me to get married after college but I think marriage is a fucking scam. There's no
  8. I should've known I was aro back when I was in high school. Sure, I had crushes on girls but oftentimes it felt like I was forcing myself to play by a heteronormative script. I don't think any of my crushes felt completely like authentic crushes. I went through all of high school never dating anyone and never going to prom, and for some reason I actually felt pretty happy/relieved about it when all was said and done. I would often joke to my friends that I would be single for the rest of my life and it felt pretty validating for some reason. Halfway through my freshman year of college I s
  9. If I absolutely have to, I'll marry a close friend of mine for tax/housing/healthcare/insurance benefits and financial stability (in case one of us loses our job). I would prefer not to though. I just wish it was more socially acceptable for people to live with their friends in a non-romantic way. I don't wanna have kids either lol, not sure I could deal with them.
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