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  1. Really? I don't think it has the same ring as spade but I didn't think it sounded bad. I'm curious to know if others feel this way too. (it's pronounced spuh- dil for reference) It's derived from the Spanish word espadilla (diminutive of espada which means sword.) Not coincidentally on the other site I posted this to some people seemed to like the idea of taking up ”ace of sword” instead of spade. Which I thought sounded cool but ”swords” isn't really something you can nickname people as, is it?
  2. I hate to do this when it's such a well designed informative infographic. But it seems like you've made the scale go from stranger to romantic partner, which positions romantic partners as the closest possible relationship between two people. A lot of aros want to fight this perception. It might be better if stranger/romantic partner were removed from the ends. I also noticed some typos but that's probably just nitpicking. I just want to stress that I'm amazed that you made this. I was impressed by your ability for design in the original posts but this is something else. What do you use t
  3. Ohh I didn't realize you had said non-sam ARO. That's something completely different from an aroace who doesn't want to use the sam. There are non-sam aces and non-sam aros but there are also aroaces who don't use the split attraction model because they don't see their identity as being split.
  4. Hmm that's an interesting point I didn't think of. I feel that Aroace has been the only word we had to describe it but does that necessarily mean that anything using ”aroace” operates on the SAM? Like I think of the aroace flag. Isn't it more about the experience of being aroace itself? If there was another word for that experience we’d call it the (that word) flag. You know what I mean?
  5. ”Spadille” could be a good nickname for aroaces. It could be a neutral term that indicates anyone with no sexual and romantic attraction but without automatically assuming they do or don't use the SAM. And if they don't like to use the term aroace it could be used as an alternative. It's based on the card symbolism in the ace community. Ace of hearts= romoace, Ace of diamond= demi, Ace of clubs = gray, Ace of spades = aroace. Another term for ace if spade is spadille( I've been informed ”spade” has unsavory connotations in some places) So from that an aroace would be nicknamed as a ”spad
  6. I like the symbols. I like pride flag colors in the symbols to represent where the other types of attraction direct to. So is the idea that you put these symbols on top of one main flag? In that case I think it might be a good idea to also have a symbol for sexual attraction. Aces have the heart over the ace flag but aros don't really have a way to show romantic and sexual attraction at once. The other symbols look great. I can see them all being very useful to a lot of people.
  7. I got the okay! It would be acceptable for aroaces to use it. (They also suggested the terms ay, reidem, and nullic/nullative, if anyone’s interested )
  8. I don't think anyone was saying that ”spinster” is a slur. I get it though, because ”reclaim” is usually used for very strong words like slurs so it could carelessly imply spinster is one too. Anyways I think anattractional is leagues better than spinster. I'd even go as far to say it's a genuinely good term that I could see people wanting to use. Plus it starts with an A :). As far as I can tell this word was made by beyond-mogai-pride-flags on Tumblr. It seems like it's supposed to mean someone who doesn't experience multiple forms if attraction. Not necessarily ”doesnt experie
  9. That thread on aven turned into another thread where people discussed the idea of aroaces retaking the word ”spinster”. Edit: The guest was me too but the comment didn't seem to be going through so I made an account, but now the other comment appeared. Uh... just ignore it.
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