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  1. Yes! I'm a huge fan! My favorite character is Garnet. It's such a wholesome show. I was about to ask a question but I just realized it would be a major spoiler in case anyone hasn't seen all of it. So nice to see other Steven Universe fans ^-^
  2. I'm surprised but also not surprised about how many INTx types are here. Surprised because I thought there'd be aro spec people of all types and it wouldn't be skewed at all. But not surprised because the vibes of this site do seem pretty INTx haha. I never share my Myers Briggs type but if anyone is actually curious, my About Me page should give a pretty good idea of what type I am.
  3. Your wish for the wish to not come true doesn't come true. But also. It does come true. And it splits reality into two parallel realities that also split into two realities and those two realities split into two realities and it goes on forever! And in all of these realities your favorite band doesn't exist. I wish for massive cup of frozen yogurt with all kinds of delicious toppings and but somehow it all has zero calories.
  4. Hey I'm in the PNW too! Heh. Small world! What if we know each other but we don't know we know each other? Anywho, have a good day, fellow human :)

    1. Queasy_Attention
    2. loneranger98


      sorry i haven't logged on in a while lol.

      but we really live in a gorgeous region don't we? i live in washington but my favorite part i've visited is the oregon coast. have you ever been?

      and i always wonder if i've ever met someone from the internet irl and just didn't know it. we could have for all we know!

    3. Queasy_Attention


      Yooooo go Seahawks! I've been to Eugene for a couple summers, lived in Portland for a few months, and I visited Cannon Beach when I was a kid but I don't remember it much. It gets a little too hot in the summer down there for me, but otherwise it's such a lovely area.

  5. When you watch movies with ambiguous relationships and always assume the characters are best friends instead of lovers. When you accidentally offend an entire forum by posting a thread titled "Romantic Love Doesn't Exist" and are shocked by how personally attacked people feel by this thread. [I just meant that limerence is limerence...it's not love.] When someone posts a picture on facebook of an old couple holding hands with the caption, "Aw how cute" and you're really surprised and confused by this. When love stories usually have no appeal unless there's a really good non-ro
  6. There's no name for what I am. I might be gray-aromantic. But I might just be straight up alloromantic. But grayness or no grayness, it doesn't change the fact that I prefer platonic over romantic relationships. I just call it "platonically-oriented." But there's no real actual name for it I think I might have actually found one other person like me. But ironically it's someone who I can't really talk to much because they're super busy and not really interested in talking. Anyway. For me, it manifests in this odd niche way. I seems like for most peopl
  7. Omg I feel your pain. I've done stuff like that so many times. My brain doesn't like tiny visual details so I often misspell words. It's okay though. It's a long awkward word with wayyyy too many syllables. Very easy to misspell. At least you didn't do the whole your/you're & their/there thing.
  8. Hello there I guess I'm just here to validate that a lot can happen to a person who has experienced extreme illness. My sister contracted a rare virus that attacked her central nervous system and it changed her forever. It didn't make her aromantic/asexual but it did change her personality. She lost some of her IQ but she gained incredible empathy. (She's still smart, but before the illness she was a genius.) Before her illness she was kind of...uh...not the nicest person. But after her illness, she suddenly had incredible empathy towards others. Now she has a gift for really tuning in t
  9. I never considered this but...wow that's such a good point! There can be non-platonic friendships. I mean. That's basically what me and my ex had haha.
  10. I don't have anything insightful to add but I just wanted to say that this is a question that has puzzled me for a long a long time and I'm happy to see people talking about it.
  11. @roboticanary Thank you so much for replying! I appreciate it so much! This is all still confusing for me and I' still trying to figure things out. Also, I'm just very much trying to find other people like me because I've felt so different for so long.
  12. I feel like I can relate at least partially to this. While I enjoy QPR relationships, I don't like gestures of commitment because they feel too romantic. With the exception of maybe a bracelet or something that says "best friends" haha. That said, internally I might feel intensely loyal to the person but again, certain commitment stuff just feels too romantic which feels gross to me. But that's just me personally. For me a QPR is a very intense friendship. Nothing about it is romantic whatsoever. And the only 'life partner' aspect of it is just the emotional part of it.
  13. Maybe it's only for me to determine if I'm truly on the aromantic spectrum or not but I'm still curious to hear your thoughts. I don't know the correct term for this but I'm definitely "platonically-oriented." As in, even though I have experienced romantic attraction in the past, romantic relationships just don't do it for me. They pale in comparison to QPR relationships. When I think of the most special, intense, and satisfying relationship for myself....I think of the 'soulmate friend'....an earth-shatteringly close, cosmically-connected relationship with a *best friend.* And I've come
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