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  1. Sometimes my alloromantic friends will say something that probably sounds supportive to them, but only makes me feel like they're being dismissive towards my experiences.

  2. Tbh I feel like I've been talking far too much on these forms, but I've been waiting to finally talk to people I can relate to for so long. It just feels nice to not only read others' experiences, but to try and help others with the knowledge I have equipped.

    1. Autumn


      I don't think posting too much is ever an issue! If you have something you want to share, the forum is here for just that. It's nice to see more activity on here! (Even if...I'm not the most active person myself lol, but I do try to at least browse regularly and chime in for polls and certain discussions)

  3. God I used to hype myself up for romance, but nothing gets me going more than hearing your friends say that they love/care about you :aropride:😭

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