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  1. Oh ho, yall thought you could be the newest comments? Well you're right anyone can be the newest comment. How are yall doing?
  2. hm, the word despondent stood out to me for some reason
  3. This forum might be Louis Hypo's greatest achievement in his life, wow
  4. This forum was made in 2016? And it reached 318 pages? And I'm now the newest comment? Crikey.
  5. Huh so am I the newest comment? Or I crash in too late?
  6. Oh I don't look at the temperature. I always crank it up to boiling hot, but I've recently started to appreciate cold showers.
  7. Well, since you're asking about a dream career I guess mine would be either in the animation field. Then I grew up and realized that the journey to become a professional artist is a lot harder than I thought. I'll keep doing art as a hobby.
  8. Oh wow another Mel! I'm sure you're gonna be okay here, it's my first time here as well
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