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  1. I remember back in elementary school (not sure what grade I was in at that time), I was having a hard time with making friends and it got so bad to the point I would obsess over my lack of social skills. One day, I had this revelation in my mind and I can still remember this clearly, but it was, "I don't need love, all I need are friends!" Now if that wasn't a huge aro moment in my life then I don't know what is. But in general, I was so concerned whether I would make friends or not that I didn't really pay attention to the concept of love. I would watch romantic movies, but it wouldn't register in my mind. My thought process went like, "Oh, it's a romantic-comedy. That's swell." And whenever I listened to pop songs (which were over-saturated with love and sex) I focused more on the melodies and rhythms, rather than the lyrics and what the song was implying. I also get super uncomfortable when I'm asked who I had/have a crush on in Truth or Dare because how am I supposed to explain that my heart refuses to process romanticism??
  2. YMBAI you silently pump your fist in the air when the MC breaks up with her forbidden werewolf boyfriend in a wattpad fanfic.
  3. Oh ho, yall thought you could be the newest comments? Well you're right anyone can be the newest comment. How are yall doing?
  4. hm, the word despondent stood out to me for some reason
  5. This forum might be Louis Hypo's greatest achievement in his life, wow
  6. This forum was made in 2016? And it reached 318 pages? And I'm now the newest comment? Crikey.
  7. Huh so am I the newest comment? Or I crash in too late?
  8. Oh I don't look at the temperature. I always crank it up to boiling hot, but I've recently started to appreciate cold showers.
  9. Well, since you're asking about a dream career I guess mine would be either in the animation field. Then I grew up and realized that the journey to become a professional artist is a lot harder than I thought. I'll keep doing art as a hobby.
  10. Oh wow another Mel! I'm sure you're gonna be okay here, it's my first time here as well
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