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  1. I have literally been thinking this, almost word for word. The highest relationship I'm capable of forming is a close friendship or maybe a quasi-platonic relationship, and those are considered in this society to be secondary and inferior to romantic relationships, which I am incapable of forming.
  2. I remember at some point thinking that every other girl my age had probably, at some point, fantasized about their wedding. I made a mental note to get around to that. It never happened. Also, I never really understood the idea of sharing a bed. Like, how am I supposed to sleep when I'm overheating because someone is next to me and every time I fidget I risk waking them up?! I remember legitimately thinking that if I thought someone of my preferred gender was aesthetically pleasing and not a jerk, I had a crush on them. I thought that's what a crush was. Turns out that's not quite what it is.
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