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  1. I think i've found a QP? My squish asked me if I wanted to upgrade our relationship, I told him I was aro, he told me he kind of guessed it and that he never expected me to fall in love with him and that he doesn't want a romantic relationship but rather just enjoys my company a lot? I'm screaming???? Oh my god he still has to talk to his girlfriend about this but oh my god is this really happening? I'm happy? Holly shit

    1. ArodynamicallyFavored



      2)YAY!! if you're happy

      3) that sounds as uncomfortable & random af

      4) But congrats if #2 is true :)

    2. Mark


      Sounds good.
      About the only possible issue is the idea of "upgrading" relationships...

    3. Sooty Owl

      Sooty Owl

      Well, he didn't really say that exactly, it was more along the lines of "do you want our relationship to go a step further?" Plus tbh I do see a QPR as more than a friendship, or atleast the friendship we had until that point.

  2. You know, it really hurts when you tell an alloromantic ace person about your aromanticism and their first reaction is "but can't it change over time?"

    1. Dodgypotato


      A lot of romantic aces seem to want to erase aromanticism from existence. :/:stopapo:

    2. Ugh...


      The reaction which affected me the most is when one of my friend answered "aw, that's so sad!"

    3. omitef


      I can relate. I think I've only had one person who's been 100% chill and didn't have a negative reaction. And the chill person was a queer allo guy.

  3. "A series of unfortunate squishes" will be the title of my autobiography

    1. ArodynamicallyFavored


      if these events are as bad as the movie..... You poor squishing thing you.

    2. omitef


      Are you me

  4. tfw at the same moment your boyfriend comes out as ace and your best friend figures out you have a squish on her boyfriend and you feel completely submerged

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