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  1. Ah - Ro - Cah - Leeps French pronunciation haha
  2. More or less any metal music i listen to haha ! Do it count as upbeat? There is rock too. Music without lyrics is also a good option XD Here is some in my playlist (not just metal i guess) : - Universe on fire by Gloryhammer : this one just...make me laugh a little because it's a little over the top but nice ?? - Wheel of time by Blind Guardians : Idk if it'is really upbeat, it's a long song so it variate actually. I like Blind Guardian in general. They have an album about the lord of the ring lol ! They are sometime classed as a rock band but it's not only that and i am bad at reckognizing music style anyway. I also like "Battlefield" and "And there was silence" from them. - Twillight of the thunder god by Amon Amarth : You like Thor: Ragnarok ? Okay just kidding. Now that i am pretty sure it's metal haha! "Raven's flight" from them is cool too - Pretty much everything i heard from Powerwolf. But i like "Venom of Venus" a lot. Not sure if i would call it "upbeat" but it certainly not "sad" haha. I actually have more stuff in my playlist but i have a ton of video games music actually haha, or more "ambiant" stuff. Or more "new retro things whatever they are called" Like : Waveshaper - Escape To Eternity (Sir Ridley Remix) , Volkor X : Run away... Now idk if we have the same notion of "feel good" but that's whay i got
  3. It's a little weird, since i technically only describe myself as just "aro" (i dont use "non sam aro" that much anymore, but the feeling is there) but i also can, in some case, call myself allosexual in some cases. Not really ace that being said. The thing is : it's blury ! my sexual attraction is few and a little unsure , but i am not really ace either. I do not want a "grey sexual" label. Nothing against them, i just feel like a blank space open to diverse possibilities is better.
  4. Red flag. This one smell very bad. As i like to say : respect do not need understanding. If someone need to understand to respect, and to validate someone there is a good chance they are close minded. It would be like running into a rock. Between you and the rock, only one will be hurt. ---- Once, someone told me that being gay was after all a choice. I asked her if she could fall in love with a girl. It...seeem to have suffice because she understood it was not just "picking your orientation". Take note that she is a nice person. You can also get "you may not know yet, since you didn't fall in love yet". This one is hard, because it's hard to prove a negative. Are they straight? I guess a come back would be "how can you know you're straight, you didn't fall with a [insert gender] yet". I get that it's harder when they are in your space via another friend. What do this friend think of it? (not trying to set you up for anything btw)
  5. Leton.


    I am from Belgium so wer'e also sort of neighbors haha Yeah being aro don't ensure a lot of highlight for sure... Hope you will find what you're looking for here !
  6. Oh yeah, not forgiving is also a right. Appologizing is a first step but it don't erase anything, really. Just a precision bc i dont want to sound like all my talk about appologizing mean that it will fix everything. -- I personnaly have troubles moving on, guess it need a lot of internal work. But it's not about me. So i hope you will find a solution.
  7. Yeah, learning from a mistake is one thing. But if you have the occasion to appologise and you don't (or ignore it), well... there is that. That's... common i think . But not great "You overreacted" oh, did i hear this a lot. My therapist say hello ! It's not always said like that, in your face, but i feel like the sentiment is here a lot of the time. Not helped by the fact that i am anxious and have ptsd. I wonder if it allow peoples to dismiss my feelings sometime. But that's me. But anyway ! Appologies have power. And i think my grudges come from it. Peoples not giving them to me when they should.
  8. Did they appologize? I am still bitter about things that happened a long time ago. Once, my dad messed up really bad. he gave me a hug (maybe the only one ever, or a very rare one. Not that i get them a lot) but... he never really appologized. I think that my anger come from it mostly. Also some transphobic things they said (or dismissing of transphobia or worst) and... not an appology. Barely an acknowledgment. I also noticed that i am still hurt by "little" things that peoples barely remember doing. For them it's nothing i suppose. It's not gaslighting, i just think they are legit surprised i have feelings over it .
  9. Mmh, well i am not "unhappy" for it. In fact, i am comfortable with my aro-ness. Past the fact that it has been a huge thing for me to discover the word (less confusion) , I would love it better without the arophobia, amatonormativity and general dickness of peoples (intrusive questions, them doubting you, insults, etc ). Also, romantic drama smell like something i don't need in my life lol A "classical" romantic relationship (whatever that mean) would not work for me. In fact, even calling whatever relationship i have "romantic" would make me uneasy even if as they are i am fine with them. But despite the fact that i always knew when i was not interested and not giving up (peoples have been insistant, i always gave a firm no), i was (am?) not impermeable to amatonormativity. So to summarise : i love being aro , but it's not all rainbow and sunshine. ( I could say the same about being non binary maybe, but i feel like it's not really the same. i feel like orientation is my relationship to other peoples and gender is my relationship with myself. Speaking for me there. )
  10. You can say that again lol -- I am in a weird place of being both touch repulsed and starved, and it dont help. (with a lot of other factors of course. I am not a very social person )
  11. Welcome, near neighbour 😬 ow Hard to say, i am easily upset by those peoples unfortunately. If this is peoples i know irl, i try to cut ties with them i guess... But easier said than done! Hmm. Some peoples are just acting with bad faith. They will not listen and want you to have a burn out so they feel like they're right. Sorry to say that. If you are tired, you have every right to tell them to fuck off and focus on yourself. It's probably not what you expected, i appologize. It's a little hard to judge, but it seem like a close minded and very disrespectful person from what i understand? Or am i missing something. Are they close to you i you don't mind me asking?
  12. No no, you're right. Touching , most of the time, has a romantic (or even sexual in some case, despite it not being sexual at all) connotation. I feel like gender roles can have an influence in how much peoples will car about it too 🤔. Not all contact get you a stare (unless someone has a fixation idk), but "sensuality" (as i understand it) , is very much percieved as romantic i feel.
  13. The thing is : I usually use "aro" for me. Just that. The farthest i will go is "aro allo". My sexual orientation is vague... and i could not give you a clear label (like bi, pan, "attracted to feminine" , etc...) but somehow i feel like this is tied to my aromantism so 🤷‍♂️
  14. Good point. i feel that a *lot* in fiction, somewhat. It begin by a sexual non romantic relationship , but it's always depicted as "not good enough" to "bad" so the "only" good ending possible is to make it romantic This is of course more of a big deal when it happen in real life. Because fiction is one thing, but the stigma is very present I was thinking about that
  15. This summary seems okay to me personally! Well, i don't see anything that would make me back off.
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