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  1. It's kind of funny cause I figured I was ace first, then aroace, then had a Major gender crisis for like a year and a half, then circled back around to realizing that I'm actually pretty neutral (and maybe even favorable!) towards sex. But absolutely romance repulsed. Just. Euhhhh. Not for me. So I was relating a Lot to the aroallo things I saw posted around, and eventually I dropped the ace, a bit. I think I'm still technically asexual, but combining my desire to have sex without a romantic relationship, and my preference for women/nb people, I haven't been feeling very much like it. Sure, I
  2. When I was younger I used to try to write fantasy a lot, and I thought romance (straight romance, even, I grew up in rural USA and was therefore Not Very Aware) was an absolute requirement. But I also thought it was kinda stupid. I wrote two decently long stories. In the first, there was a mermaid who, Ariel style, got a crush on a guy and tried to follow him on land (she used a wheelchair instead of some strange transformation thing). But later she found out he was a douche so just became super close "friends" with this other girl instead. (Was it friendship? Dating? A QPR? Who knows, certain
  3. So, I'm aroace (completely and totally, I've never had anything approaching a crush in my life) and currently in a QPR with a fantastic and amazing person. It's the first relationship I've been in and I really care about her a lot--more for her mind than anything else. I love the bantering, inside jokes, hugs, holding hands, etc, and tho I don't have a crush on her, the...queerplatonic? attraction is up there. But I'm still not a romantic person (no rose colored glasses or hearts in my eyes, I've gone into this relatively clear headed, I think). She's biro and demisexual, and definitely
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