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  1. There was a guy who liked me, and i cant give you an exact time frame, because this poor kid had a crush from around fifth grade to the end of highschool. (I think it was something he would let go of from time to time, but his friends often circled back to it and he would get flustered when people made insinuations). Anyways, I had a v e r y low self-esteem, and on top of that I didn't WANT to acknowledge ang hints that were given to me about crushes/romance. For years (and I do mean YEARS, through out all of middle school and highschool) I assumed that the teasing was just because we looked "aesthetically nice" together, or that people thought it was funny to pair up a geeky nerd and one of the best athletes. I never took any advances seriously because I thought it was a very big elaborate joke at my expense. I didn't want to call them out on it, because I didn't really care, and if people thought I liked him too or something they would be less likely to bug me about dating. I didn't figure out until after highschool, from a close friend who asked why I was so brutal about rejecting him all the time- (read: monotone/nonchalant because I didn't think it was real) and you can only imagine how that conversation went.
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