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  1. I don’t think we have couple’s discount as much in my country. My best friend works at a spa and I get discounts through her. I’ve brought her to work events when I have wanted to attend and no one raised an eyebrow. My work place doesn’t really get discounts, but we do have a lot of activities when we’re not in a pandemic and we can bring whoever we’d like to those.
  2. Yes, very recently figured out I’m a lesbian at 27 years old, but I’ve known I was on the aromantic spectrum for years. Compulsory heterosexuality and amatonormativity are terrible.
  3. Apologies on the long intro, but summing up my question was a bit difficult. I’ve known I’m on the aromantic spectrum for years, but I recently came to the realisation that I’m gay (or lesbian, whichever term you prefer). It seems like a lot of people are experiencing similar things during this time so I have been in good company. However, when scrolling through tumblr, it seemed like there was barely any posts about aromantic lesbians. I felt quite discouraged by that since I didn’t feel comfortable with the general lesbian/gay culture tags my friend recommended. I eventually came across a post that summed up my anxiety: wlw culture is very centred around the experience of romantic love. The post itself gave the example of falling in love with your female friends as a very common lesbian experience, and I’ve never felt that. It’s not just the experience of romantic love, it’s the wanting romantic relationships even in the abstract. There are so many posts about wanting a wife to stroke your hair, and I cannot relate to any of this. I’m all for this content for the people who can relate to it, but I just felt so lonely and unrepresented in a space I had hoped would make me feel seen. I’m not romance repulsed, but I would say I’m a little adverse. Has anyone else experienced this? Perhaps I’m hanging out in the wrong place on the internet when I’m not on arocalypse.
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