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  1. My favourite is Good thing by Zedd ft. Kehlani! I've also found some aro playlists on spotify, although some of the songs on them were a bit too romantic for me, but a good starting point anyway
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    Hi, I'm Iini! i'm 22, and enjoy reading, cooking/baking, and dogs. For me, the main identity I identify with is aro, mainly because the label was so relieving when I finally accepted it. Sexuality wise I'm still quite lost, there's a lot of gorgeous people of all genders, but it isn't such a huge deal for me, and I don't really feel the need to pick a label for that. When I was a kid, and still when I was a teen, I used to pick either a family friend or some other guy I knew, so that when my friends would ask me who I had a crush on, i could at least say a name. I've never actually had a crush on someone, but I have had what you might describe as squishes, and tried to convince myself that it was a crush. I found out what being aro meant when I was in high school, because I had a friend who was very into LGBTQ+ stuff, but also very anti aro and ace people. Wasn't fun. Anyway, when I moved out to go to uni, I one night gathered all my courage, googled aromantic, and had a panic attack because I felt something click, and decided that maybe I was a grey-aro, and that even if I had never felt romantic attraction, and didn't want a relationship, maybe at some point I would fall in love, and that at 18 I was too young to make any decisions anyway. Fast forward almost 5 years, i now identify as aro, without the grey prefix, and have come a long way in acceptance. I think that covers it, I'm excited to talk to you guys!😊
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