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  1. @Blake Thanks for your advice! the problem i've had in the past is that i've said that i'm not looking for a relationship rn and people have found it really hard to accept, but I really love the idea of asking them if they're hitting on me!😍 you're a genius
  2. I'm studying sustainability management, which is pretty much what i'm interested in, but to me, my dream job is also something that has a good environment and where my work would actually matter, and not just be greenwashing a company that is actually destroying the planet. To be honest, i'd love to work as a transition manager, in a company where i could actually help make a difference. At the moment my future looks a lot like consulting, at least for a while, but maybe in a few years i could get closer to that. I would also be perfectly happy being a middle manager as long as the job would be related to sustainability, as to me the constant career advancement preached in biz school sounds like hell.
  3. Hi! I wasn't sure this was the correct forum but i figured it's related to relationships most so here goes... so my sister is getting married in a few weeks, and i'm her maid of honor. The wedding is a lot smaller than it was gonna be, and therefore not as many relatives will be there, but i am already dreading the inevitable questions about whether i am in a relationship, or even worse, somebody trying to match-make. I have never been in a relationship, so i've been getting those questions for a while (i'm 22), and i've always hated it, and i know that since it is a wedding it will be worse. So how do you deal with those questions if you don't want to tell people you are aro? I'd be really grateful if somebody had some stories on how they have navigated those situations successfully, or ideas on how it might be done?
  4. My favourite is Good thing by Zedd ft. Kehlani! I've also found some aro playlists on spotify, although some of the songs on them were a bit too romantic for me, but a good starting point anyway
  5. Hi, I'm Iini! i'm 22, and enjoy reading, cooking/baking, and dogs. For me, the main identity I identify with is aro, mainly because the label was so relieving when I finally accepted it. Sexuality wise I'm still quite lost, there's a lot of gorgeous people of all genders, but it isn't such a huge deal for me, and I don't really feel the need to pick a label for that. When I was a kid, and still when I was a teen, I used to pick either a family friend or some other guy I knew, so that when my friends would ask me who I had a crush on, i could at least say a name. I've never actually had a crush on someone, but I have had what you might describe as squishes, and tried to convince myself that it was a crush. I found out what being aro meant when I was in high school, because I had a friend who was very into LGBTQ+ stuff, but also very anti aro and ace people. Wasn't fun. Anyway, when I moved out to go to uni, I one night gathered all my courage, googled aromantic, and had a panic attack because I felt something click, and decided that maybe I was a grey-aro, and that even if I had never felt romantic attraction, and didn't want a relationship, maybe at some point I would fall in love, and that at 18 I was too young to make any decisions anyway. Fast forward almost 5 years, i now identify as aro, without the grey prefix, and have come a long way in acceptance. I think that covers it, I'm excited to talk to you guys!😊
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