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  1. I'd say binge watch until season 5, and then savor season 5. Compromise!
  2. I'm aroallo, so I feel, do, and want a lot of things that can be interpreted as romantic. The way I differentiate it is by identifying the motivation behind those things. I like kissing (rarely, but I do), physical touch, sex, etc. Pretty much all ties down to physical/sexual attraction, and the desire to be physical/intimate with someone! I like giving people gifts, helping them out, spending time with people I like. All boils down to platonic attraction, and the desire to be close friends! Sometimes I get confused, and I ask myself-- am I doing/feeling/wanting this because I
  3. Hiya! I think there's actually a term for people under the aro spectrum who don't understand what romantic attraction is-- Quoiromantic! I'm not sure how mainstream it is, though. Welcome to the forums! (Let me know when you finish she-ra!!! I've rewatched the last season at least three times, now.)
  4. Allergic to my favorite food. I'd suffer through. Would you rather lose all your memories from now but be able to make new ones from this point on, or keep all your old memories but lose the ability to make new ones?
  5. I have such a complicated relationship with kissing!!! I love reading about it, and I love thinking about it, it gives me those butterfly feelings-- but then whenever I do it it's like bleeeuughhhh so boring! I have to be very specifically in the mood for it, or else it's annoying and boring and when I do it I want to be anywhere else. There are a few very rare occasions where I've actually liked kissing, and I still can't really pinpoint what sets them apart. welp!
  6. Really Awful Songs Pacify Birds. Ehh, Rather Ridiculous, Yes? CROWKEEPER
  7. Welcome! Origami is dope, I used to be super into making parakeets. Hope to catch you around the forums!
  8. I'm with @nonmerci, turn the tables on them and buy them aromantic shit-- then keep it for yourself when they say "hey but this doesn't apply to me!!! :O"
  9. Aw man, I did this twice! I feel you, that sucks so hard. I'm glad you were able to figure out what you needed to do in the end; it can be really hard to take a step back and ask yourself what's making you unhappy, if the thing that makes you unhappy is something you feel obligated to have/want/do/etc. Congrats on finding this part of yourself and welcome to the forum!!
  10. I believe gray-aros can go by the term "greyros" or "grayros" depending on your spelling of grey/gray. Not sure about ace lingo, though, sorry! I do like the idea of "graces", that sounds nice. And no worries! Hop on over to the introductions page and say hi anytime
  11. My Awful Cousin Always Refuses Our Nuggets!!!! ABYSSINIAN
  12. Ooh, I love the idea of having a crush and getting together with someone, lol! It's the actual relationship part that I really don't want. I adore the butterflies in the stomach and the will-they-won't-they tension and the gossiping with other people about it part.
  13. I struggle with this a lot. Part of the problem for me was that much of the media I consumed (books, shows, but movies in particular) was made by very large and established businesses. And a side-effect of that is that the creative team was probably stunted in what, exactly, they were allowed to explicitly show, because of a whole host of complicated legal/political/monetary reasons, etc etc. And of course it's not right, and of course it's ridiculous that it's 2020 and Disney/etc is just now putting one (1) gay character into their kid's show, etc etc-- and at the same time, that's the reali
  14. Hi, welcome! For me, it was a relieving revelation. I'd always felt insecure about the way I experienced relationships. I could understand them in theory, but whenever I was in one I always felt blank and confused, like I was supposed to feel a certain way, or supposed to want certain things-- but I couldn't make myself feel or want them. Finding the aro label helped me look back and understand that I just... didn't feel or want those things. I didn't have to feel or want them, and I don't have to now. It really helped me find peace with my younger self. Personally I don't gel well
  15. Hey! Welcome to the forum, and welcome to the aro community! We're all happy to have you Hmm, let's see. You're right on the money with separating asexuality and aromanticism-- I'm aromantic but allosexual, aroallo! (Being one but not the other kind of makes it hard to pin down, lol.) There are also a whole list of other non-standard (non-alloromantic) romantic labels out there, if you're interested in pinning your identity down even further. This is a good list of them-- some of them mirror sexuality terms such as demisexual --> demiromantic, and some of them are unique to romanticic
  16. This sounds a lot like my experiences. I've had a few relationships, and after I did some mental digging on them, I realized that that combination of attractions you talk about (physical and platonic) was really all I felt for them. I liked them as people and liked being around them. I liked knowing they liked me. I liked how they looked and I found them attractive (I'm aroallo so I do feel sexual/physical attraction towards others, and in this case I was feeling it towards these people.) In one case, the relationship fell apart because the platonic attraction faded away-- I realized he
  17. See All I Lack? Overt Romance. AXOLOTL
  18. Hmm. I'm biased to (edit: empathize) with your friend because I also feel awkward when people share sensitive information about themselves with me. I never know what to say or how to act, and I'll often literally stop listening when they're talking to me-- I'm working on being a more invested listener (most of that is very internal work and has to do with pinpointing certain thoughts or beliefs I have about myself or the others around me, and then working to understand where those thoughts come from and either accepting or working to change them, depending on the situation.) So if a friend of
  19. Listen, I know, but sometimes a girl just needs some cheesy YA to make her brain go "buuuuuhhhhh" for a little while, okay? There's a global pandemic, don't judge me. But anyway, oh my god I haven't read this book since I was maybe fourteen, and I remember that I really liked the beginning part and then my interest tapered off towards the end. I thought it might have been because I had a short attention span, or maybe I'd picked up something that I liked better and just dropped it-- but rereading it now, I totally get it. The second Bella and Edward actually become a couple, my investment
  20. Yo, welcome to the club! Glad to have you
  21. Ha, I actually kind of like this trope! The annoying part to me is if the character doesn't want a relationship at all, and ends up having feeeeelings. If they're neutral/positive towards relationships, and it's the other person that they resist (and eventually end up falling for), I'll dig that. To each their own lol! But I love the mental image of, like, sitting in a chair reading a book and saying "well, don't then, it's not that hard" to the main character. lmfaooo
  22. Aaaah, congrats!!! That "everything just clicked" feeling is the best, isn't it??? I'm so happy for you lmfao that's awesome! Hope to catch you around the forums, this place is pretty chill.
  23. William Owns Rattlesnakes. Millions Suffer. GROUNDHOG
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