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  1. Ha, I actually kind of like this trope! The annoying part to me is if the character doesn't want a relationship at all, and ends up having feeeeelings. If they're neutral/positive towards relationships, and it's the other person that they resist (and eventually end up falling for), I'll dig that. To each their own lol! But I love the mental image of, like, sitting in a chair reading a book and saying "well, don't then, it's not that hard" to the main character. lmfaooo
  2. Aaaah, congrats!!! That "everything just clicked" feeling is the best, isn't it??? I'm so happy for you lmfao that's awesome! Hope to catch you around the forums, this place is pretty chill.
  3. William Owns Rattlesnakes. Millions Suffer. GROUNDHOG
  4. Welcome!! I'm so glad you found the community and that it makes you feel welcome and accepted! I totally get what you mean about feeling trapped when people say "I love you". The first guy I dated said it all the time and I never felt comfortable saying it to him (I think because he was kind of a jerk in the end, ha.) And then when I had a girlfriend, even though I really did like their company and liked them as a person, I still felt weird when they said "I love you" and I struggled to say it back. It's hard! Hope to see you around the forums!
  5. I feel the same! Not specifically with the Office, but with other relationships in TV/movies too. For Dwight and Angela I think it's because their personalities and their platonic relationship is actually interesting and well written. They fall into the Michael Schur "background relationship" category, of the two minor characters with really wacky personalities somehow fitting together. In the Office it's Dwight and Angela (and Kelly and Ryan), in Parks & Rec it's April and Andy (and Chris and Ann), in B99 it's a few different relationships (Gina and Boyle, Holt and Kevin, Rosa and Pimento), and in The Good Place it's the whole Jason/Tahani/Janet trio. They're all engaging to me because they're based more around their actual personalities and them finding a friend/kindred spirit rather than just specifically romance, like a lot of the main pairings.
  6. Ha, COVID was the reason I had time to meditate on my aromantic identity too! Silver linings, lol. I also totally relate to that feeling of looking this up and feeling a huge wave of affirmation, it's amazing. Welcome to the forum!! As you've probably seen, folks around here are pretty chill as far as I can tell Hope to see you around!
  7. lmfao they are the opposite of chill, but in this one specific circumstance yes they were and I appreciated it very much ❤️
  8. Hmm, you could have a side character or a reference to an off-screen character who's ace but alloromantic? Folks seem to understand that asexual = no sex, and that loving relationships can exist without sex. And then you can have your protagonist compared to that identity, and specify that they don't want a romantic relationship at all (either by having side characters gossiping, or having your protagonist exposit it upfront.)
  9. Yeah! I'm not even under pressure from my family/friends/circle of folks to start dating or anything, so I didn't think of myself as really being "in the closet" about being aro. But you're right, it's such a change to be able to talk about it with someone who just gets it.
  10. I posted this on reddit but I wanted to share it here too! Like it says on the tin. I wasn't really planning on it but it came up, and I admitted to them that I don't think I feel romantic attraction to anyone. They told me something along the lines of "you're valid as fuck," which I took to be a good sign. They're very out and open about being some shade of genderqueer/non-straight/etc so I wasn't worried they'd take it badly or anything-- but still, there was a moment of worry right after I said it, and a moment of relief when they validated me. A while ago I was happy to keep this totally to myself unless it came up in a personal situation where I'd have to explain what kind of relationships I would and wouldn't be comfortable with-- but now I realize it's... kinda nice to just talk about it. This feels like when I first realized I was bi and I found the circle of queer folks around my HS, and it was like this cool circle of people I could talk to about queer stuff without feeling out of place. It's really nice to find someone that I know I won't have to explain all of this to, even if we're not close friends. I can just say "I think I'm aromantic" and they'll be like "cool" and that's all we have to say.
  11. On the younger side here, I'm 23. I'm really happy to have found this place-- I don't always feel comfortable in spaces specifically made for younger folks. I joined the Discord server listed on the r/aromantic subreddit a while ago and it just really wasn't for me. Most of the people there were in their teens, most weren't adults, and I ended up just leaving. I really like this forum!!
  12. lol "Patsy Walker aka Hellcat" is the name of the comic. The Leth and Williams run is really good. (plus it's only 3 volumes so it's pretty short, the storyline is easy to understand even for folks like me who aren't really up-to-date with whatever overarching story marvel's got going on atm, the art style is wonderful, and it HAS GAYS!!!)
  13. I get this way too, though sometimes it's inconsistent. I'm not always against romance in media, and sometimes I quite like it and I get invested in relationships. Sometimes it really rubs me the wrong way, though. I think it's when I'm not expecting it and then suddenly it's just there, and it's like, the story would have worked just fine without a relationship added into the mix, why did they have to add a relationship into the mix? For a slightly less mature example, the Lego Batman Movie has Batman fawning over Barbara, and even though they don't get together in the end it's like, what? What did this add to the story? Literally nothing. Why is it here. And then I also devour trashy romance novels like no tomorrow lmfao. But I think I like it when the romance is the interesting part of the story. *complicated shrug*
  14. Hi, welcome! If you're looking for other places to post, the r/aromantic sub on reddit is also pretty cool (though I like this forum more; I think it's a little mellower.) Soon-to-be-college samesies, I'm hoping to study music come this winter, though we'll see how that shakes out with COVID. And I was into comics too for a while! If you haven't checked out Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat, Mockingbird, or Squirrel Girl before I'd highly recommend them. I ended up getting rid of most of my stash but I kept those three series lol. (also like fun fact not to toot my own horn too much but i,,,, might have worked with brianna hildebrand,,,,, before,,,,,,) (she was very nice) Anyway hope to catch you around the forums! Everyone here seems pretty chill!
  15. ayo why is the DOL website ABSOLUTE GARBAGE asking for a friend

  16. Oh, man, what a toughie. I mean, on paper, yeah if you've told them you're a-spec and they said they were fine with that, then sure you're in the clear. But, yknow, things that work in theory don't always work in practice. Obviously I don't know any of the details about you as a person or this other person, or the relationship between you two leading up to this point-- But, I dunno, that post-decision-worry-regret really, really hits home for me. I stayed in a few relationships after experiencing this, an exciting buildup and a genuine want to start some sort of relationship (whether that was down to platonic attraction, physical attraction, some cocktail of my mental and social stuff saying "YEAH SURE A RELATIONSHIP WOULD BE GREAT" or whatever)-- that quickly faded to "oh god why did I do this, this was a mistake" after we actually started dating. And I didn't bring it up at all, to any of my partners. And that........ led to some bridges being burned. (I'm literally just projecting my baggage onto ur situation, so like in no way am I saying this is gonna happen to u, I just mean this is the angle I'm kinda coming from.) There's a stereotype that whenever allos ask us aros for relationship advice it always boils down to either "talk to each other" or "break up," but seriously I think you should bring this up. If it's something specifically about the relationship between you two that you're experiencing strong emotions for, then I think it kind of does concern them too (not that you have to tell them every single thought you have or tell them immediately-- just a general "hey I was excited about this and now I'm nervous and feel xyz because zxy.") Plus, if they really do care about you, I don't think they'd want you to be worried and upset in the first place. All in all it's up to you to decide what's gonna make you feel happy, safe, and comfortable. If being in a relationship-- even as an aro-- is gonna do that, then yeah, I think it'll turn out well! And if it turns out that you realize you don't actually want this, then that's okay too. I think the most important part is being honest with yourself, first and foremost. As for the last bit-- no, you didn't make a mistake. I look back at my past relationships and cringe because of things that I did or said, but I don't really view them as mistakes. What happened happened, and it was only ever gonna happen that way. Same thing here-- you're doing your best. I really hope things work out for u ghosty ❤️

  18. Please, Only Needle Eighteen Yaks! EXCESSIVE
  19. Aah, you put it into words! I was always so uncomfortable whenever I was out with my partners-- my first relationship, I constantly felt like this whenever I was out somewhere with him, like we were on display As A Couple and I had to act right, and I had no idea what to do. My second relationship was mostly long distance, which suited me better, but whenever we met up in person I also felt that strange pressure like I was supposed to act or feel a certain way, but I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Bluuughhh.
  20. Brbrbrbrbrrr taking the driver's knowledge test to get a permit today. I'm only seven years late, but who's counting?

  21. Sometimes, Taking A Real Test Leads Everyone Downstream. CABBAGE
  22. Ha, I had a similar conversation with a coworker of mine. It was complicated a little by the fact that he knows I've been in at least two relationships. I brought up something like "I don't ever want to get married," and he clearly took this as a self-pitying statement and tried to make me feel better by saying "oh, well, I'm sure if you meet the right person," etc. And I was like "..... nah, I don't think so. I just don't want to." And he was like .....ok I guess. I don't really get mad at "you'll meet the right person" because while it's a little invalidating, it does come from a place of empathy and care from the other person. (In my experience, anyway. I haven't had to deal with family pushing me towards a relationship, thank goodness.)
  23. Bipolar 2 and anxiety here! Not on meds, managing well with therapy.
  24. bruuuhhh have you seen that collegehumor sketch
  25. I like that I value honesty, compassion, and self-respect. I'm also proud of my writing and piano chops 🌈🎹💻
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