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  1. Hey all! If you, like me, find yourself in the confuddling position of being aromantic and also loving romance novels (or movies, or shows, we don't judge), this is the place for you! I invite everyone who has a favorite piece of romantic media to come here and talk bout it! To kick things off, I'm rereading Pride and Prejudice right now. I think what gets me about this book is that the concept of marriage is so separate from how we view marriage now. It's integral to everyone's societal statuses. Lizzie's reward in the end is a happy marriage, but it's not just the fact that she loves Da
  2. Dope! I write fanfic too, and I've written aro characters for years, since way before I even had an inkling that I was aro too. I sort of reverse-engineered the concept as a reverse alloromantic-asexual, and I kept writing characters who were comfortably allosexual and extremely romance repulsed. Didn't realize until way later that that was all projection, lol! The kicker is that most of that stuff was shipping, too! Looking back at it now, it's pretty clear that all I was writing was a good friendship + physical attraction-- again, projecting my own point of view. Welp! Anyway, welcome t
  3. Oh hey! Aroallo over here, nice to meet you! I'm going back to school in the winter (I know, great timing) for the first time in about 5 years so I can finally study piano. I'm a music nerd too! 🎡🎢🎷 I'm such an outlier at work because I absolutely adore Christmas carols, and all my coworkers hate them lol. I like that they're catchy and easy to harmonize with, sue me! I also very much like baking and if you want to like swap recipes or share some hot goss about your latest bake hmu Anyway, I hope to catch you around the forums! This place is pretty nice and chill, I've had a great t
  4. Okay, Really? A Newbie Gives Unquestionably Terrific Answers. Nuts! COMPOSED
  5. Can Revolution Overthrow What Keeps Everyone Enraged? Please, Educate! Read! BOOKSTORE
  6. Yo, welcome. I've never been on AVEN but I've heard people find this place to be a little more chill. Best of luck on your identity journey~
  7. Oh man, this has been bugging me for AGES. I've had a really hard time figuring out where I lie on the gender spectrum, mainly because a lot of people in queer internet spaces put so much stock into personal pronouns- specifically, on the hardships they face when they are not used correctly. But pronouns have never been that big of a concern for me! I'm totally fine with the fact that everyone in my life uses she/her to refer to me, since I'm afab. If they wanted to use he/him or they/them I would also be happy, but I don't need them to do that in order to feel comfortable. I also can't r
  8. Yeah, this is very true! I think the closest case you can make for an aroallo character is the stereotypical "guy/girl who sleeps around a lot but never takes a relationship very seriously", a-la Barney from HIMYM, Joey or Chandler from Friends, Dean from at least the first few seasons of Supernatural. Unfortunately these types of characters usually culminate with finding "the one" that changes them and makes them want a relationship. Sometimes this is really cheap and comes off as "well, most shows have characters in relationships so let's add a love interest!" If it's well written and the lo
  9. Up top! All a siren's gotta do is flash that side shave, D&D enamel pin, maybe do that thing where you put your arms over your head and your shirt rides up-- I'd drown myself in about four seconds.
  10. Hey, sorry for the spam of notifications, but I just wanted to say you're damn cool 🎷🎡

  11. Nice to meet you! I love the mindset of being out and proud as whoever you are, to give other people a sense of security in their own identities. I want to be that person, even when it's hard sometimes. Welcome to the forums!
  12. Sorry to reply so late to this but lol welcome!! I had the same experience, going through relationships where some things felt right, but some things felt wrong. It really is surreal to not feel that big important something that everyone else feels and talks about all the time. I'm sorry you had to go through the "is there just something wrong with me" journey, that's never easy. But I'm glad you're here now!! Hope to catch you around the forums~
  13. Hey, welcome!! I've been getting more into reading since quarantine started, I've been devouring YA novels that I haven't touched since middle school, since right now I just need something fun and easy to read. It's so interesting to see the range in quality between them; there's some hot garbage and there's some really entertaining stuff! My ebook hold on the first Percy Jackson book finally came in today, I'm so excited to ditch Warrior Cats to read it lmfaoooo Also damn good luck with your PhD, I've heard that's a really tough area of study!! That's super impressive!
  14. Could be really strong platonic attraction? I get that a lot, where I'll get all nervous and giddy around someone like I have a stereotypical crush, except the last thing I want from them is a relationship! I just think they're really cool! That's just me tho, YMMV Welcome to the forums!
  15. I have an entire shelf of romance manga in my room. No plot, just fluff.
  16. TRUE TPBM has read at least three books this year
  17. 10-hour dinner. I probably wouldn't know who it was, I'd get free food, and I'd invite my friends along so we'd have a story to talk about for the next decade or so. Would you rather be able to fly, but only three inches off the ground, or be able to breathe underwater, but only for ten minutes?
  18. Aw, I'm sorry you ran into some trouble over there! I've never been on AVEN much, being aroallo myself, but I've had a great time on this forum so hopefully you will too! Catch you around!!
  19. Ohhhh man that's so good! I'm gonna keep that in mind for the rest of my life, wow, thank you!
  20. What's up!!! Music bros, I play piano 🎹🎢 How long have you been a violinist??
  21. I've always struggled really hard with telling close people "I love you"-- I can tell my friends "I love you" just fine, but once I get closer to someone, this wall just comes up and I can't say it. I even struggle to say it to my family. I have a close friend with whom I have a sort of unofficial QPR (we're strictly non-romantic, she's not looking for a relationship and she knows I identify as aro, but we're still good close friends and we can cross non-platonic boundaries comfortably), and for a while I kept wanting to tell her "I love you", like I do to my other friends. But I didn't w
  22. Yeeeesss!! I love trashy romance, but it totally pulls me out of the story when you're like, wait, what are you doing??? Like, if it's a "change my life for the better because this person inspires me" or "I'm gonna take a risk and make this person a big part of my life because I like being with them" then sure, that makes sense. But when it gets too ridiculous I'll bail, lol. Also I feel you on the realizing you can separate different kinds of attraction. Totally changed my perspectives on everything I've felt for other people. I don't even go past the basic split of platonic/romantic/sex
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