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  1. hey, everyone, i don't know if any of you remember me but i made a post here a few months ago, i was asking for help on my ex bf. first of all, sorry for my english, its not my native language (im from Brazil) so, i posted here a couple of months ago because i was kinda weird about still feeling something for him and not being reciprocate, i guess i could handle because hes my best friend afterall, and we date for a few months until he realized hes aro. the problem is, on these last few months i only got worse about it. i have depression and it only got worse too, i lost more weight than i should, cant sleep, cant eat, and im almost moving to a new city, cant dรณ any of the things that i used to like because missing him is hurting so much. we're not even talking too much anymore, talking to him hurts but not talking to him hurts even more. i really don't know what to do. when he says that if i need to talk i could talk to him really hurts because i really want to, but i dont want things to be like "look what you did to me" because its not his fault for me being like this. ita only mine. i really dont know what to do. some of other friends say that its better for us to atop talking to each other for real, but i really dont want that, hes one of (if not the most) important person in the world to me. i really wish things to go back to be how they were back then when we were together, i was just so happy. what should i do? help
  2. Hi everyone, it's me again, haha. As you may (or may not) know, this is my second post here on this forum so i'm still familiarizing myself with some things. Sorry for anything. My first post was about me and my ex-bf, we dated for a few months but as we ended identifying ourselves in the aro spectrum, we broke up. The things is i still shee him as more than as friends, and i love the idea of ''being together'' with him in a non-romantic way, but still being together. I just don't know if he would be willing too or how uncomfortable he would be with it. I don't have many friends to talk about this, the one i had ended up showing herself as a very arophobic person and we don't talk anymore. But finding this forum really made me happy in several aspects, so i wanted try to find a way to approach him about this without look like i'm pressing him or anything. I tend to have a tremendous difficulty explaining what i'm feeling/thinking and i don't want to let anythings misunderstood. just want to find the most...subtle way? to talk about it. Thanks for reading until here. haha
  3. hey!!!! thank you so much for this. for real. i want so bad to talk to him about this, but i just get too much scared. which i shouldn't bc he's my best friend and whenever something's wrong, he just talks to me. i should do that too. i have an extreme difficulty with talking about what im feeling/thinking and i end up just assuming things that aren't real. he helps me a lot with this and im so grateful for this. but i know sometimes it can be exhausting. so i think i'll let him have his time before saying anything. he helped me with a lot of things in this couple years, im so grateful for this and he's the person that i most trust in this entire world. i don't wanna hurt him or let him uncomfortable with anything. i would love to be together with him again, not in a romantic way, just >be with him< (do you understand me? ahsuahus) but if that's not what he wants or feel, im not gonna push it. just want him to know that he can always count on me, he's my best friend after all!!! thanks again for answering me!! this means a lot!! ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ–ค
  4. Hello! first of all sorry for my english, its not my native language haha So, me and my ''boyfriend'' broke up, we were together for about 5 months and we ended up actually identifying ourselves in the aro espectrum. We know each other for about 4 years now, he's my best friend. Sometimes he says that sees me as ''a special best friend'' and i would be ok with that, if i weren't still feeling something for him. It's not romantic, i know that for sure, but still is something really specific, our break up was really ok bc we know that something romantic wouldn't work out, but i liked so much being special to him, going to his house so happy that i could explode, lay next to him while we watched some movies, stop kissing him to talk about communism (we laughed so much about that) or to watch him sleep and think that im the luckiest person alive to be special to him. Yet, i dont think he want to do those things anymore, and that's breaking me apart. i know its not his fault bc he didn't choose to feel this and neither do i. but im crying so much since we broke up and i try so hard to be ok for him because i dont want him to feel like this is his fault. but i used to smile all day when he looked in my eyes and just say ''i love you so much jojo'' even tho it weren't romantic, it was so so special to me. because i just liked being together with him, not in a romantic way but not as just friend. and i tried to ask but i never understand what he's acutally feeling right now, but im 99% sure that were just friend to him. Anyways, sorry about this long vent haha its my first post on this forum. i just wanted to know if you guys have ever been through something like this and how it went.
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