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    Rat / J
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    arospec, possibly pansexual, possibly acespec
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    trans guy, autigender, gender-ambivalent
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    it/its, he/him
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    studying animal care!
  1. Hey all, I guess I'll just go by Rat or J here. I've been identifying as arospec for almost a year now, but I've definitely been experiencing the ~aromantic confusion pains~ for much longer than that. I'm still trying to work out exactly what label(s) work for me, or if I even really need a label more specific than arospec at all. I'm disabled and I'm pretty much housebound, so I don't have a job, just hobbies! Plus I'm studying animal health, husbandry, & behaviour at an online college. I'm 20 years old, he/him and it/its pronouns pls :) I'd just like to make some aro friends and learn a
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