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  1. Mustard-filled chocolate éclairs.
  2. I'd rather selfship with Jane Lynch than get married.
  3. I'm most likely abroromantic but I'm not sure because my feelings depend on who I'm with and/or attracted to at the time as well as switching between whole identities like bi and pan. What I mean is, if I'm attracted to somebody who's feminine-aligned, I'm a lesbian. If I'm with attracted to somebody who's masculine-aligned, I'm gay...and so on. Is that considered abroromantic or is there a better label?
  4. I was sure I'd said hello but in any case, call me Xander. They/Them. Selfshipper, writer, and coffee enthusiast. Identity-wise, I've recently come to the realization that I'm most likely an abroromantic lesbian. Things I like include Jane Lynch, Anne Robinson, gaming, reading, writing fan fiction and poetry, drawing, sleeping, fanboying, internet, and making graphics. See you around the site.
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