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I am brand spanking new to communicating with other aspec people. I would really like to find some local people after the pandemic to hang out with and speak to face-to-face if that's at all possible.

I enjoy cooking, baking, doodling, bonding with my pals and queer theory sorts of things. Social justice and learning constantly about myself and other people with different perspectives is very important to me too. I am most interested in becoming a "well-rounded" person in this way. I am more focused on community based intimacy than partner based. I haven't had tons of luck with that endeavor so far and yet I am very hopeful !!

I would like to mention that I thought I met an aromantic  man not long ago. I discovered that for some reason he had been misleading me about who he was to gain my trust and manipulate me. I am pretty embarrassed to admit this as his other lies were much, much more transparent. It was really bizarre and very emotionally taxing. I am here to regain that sense of community that I thought I was building before I had the rug pulled from under me.

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