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  1. Mess around, play videogames, eat junk food, hugging all day and kiss each other on the forehead. Luckily my friends are awesome and we do this a lot ❤️
  2. Being a judge! Because judges here are fucking assholes
  3. I'm the same as you. If someone likes me I'm oblivious and sometimes really annoying cause I don't catch hints. My worst rejection history is when one of my best (female) friends said that she liked me. I was literally panicking because I didn't want to hurt her but I didn't know what to say. She cried cause I wasn't giving her a direct answer about how I felt at that moment. She was sad for DAYS and crying at school. Meanwhile my useless ass didn't know what to do. It didn't damage our friendship but I didn't act as the friend I should have acted. Luckily we are ok now and I hope
  4. I keep it a secret, but just the identity, you get it? No one really knows that I am aro (besides of my closest friends) but everybody knows my lack of interest in romantic relationships I've never planned of "coming out" and I do not plan to. My lifestyle is obvious, my interests are obvious. If someone asks, I'll answer with sincerity
  5. I believe that you do what it makes you happy and comfortable. The lgbtq+ community has fought (still fighting) for their rights to love and be loved, but most importantly: they have fought for their right to be themselves. Aromantic and asexual people are not excluded, no matter what exclusionists tell you. You are aro, you need to be yourself. Of course romantic love is going to be in the picture (because in my perspective media idolized romantic relationships, but of course romantic relationships are not bad, just not for everyone) but you do not need to feel the pressure of doing some
  6. My friends (some of them are lgbt) accepted me without question. I didn't tell my parents yet because I don't believe they'll understand (they're amazing but somewhat old fashioned). I'm a young adult so I think they're waiting for me to get a partner...
  7. I do a lot of actions that are considered "romantic" with my friends. It might look weird, but I think culture has a lot to do with the way we perceive actions, romantic or not. There's no line for me
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