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  1. So, i questioned whether i was aro for a good while and finally just accepted it in april this year. i think amatonormativity has become more annoying with time. of course i can always enjoy a well crafted romance but I've grown a prejudice against trying to read something as there is a very real possibility there is romance in a story i don't expect it in or want it in. I just want some good friendships right now.
  2. For the past month or more, I'm finding I'm just getting annoyed at romantic relationships in stories, especially the straight ones. I'm getting more annoyed than usual. almost to a point of frustration. i generally enjoy reading romance even if i myself have never experienced that attraction although it tends to get repetitive. I might just be shifting to a more romance indifference or repulse but i don't know. what do other people make of it?
  3. To my younger self: Make friends sooner. They are amazing and can help in those times when you chose to suffer alone. I know it's hard but it's worth the effort. Kudos to you for actually deciding strangely that there's a chance you're not straight and question it though it took far too long to accept you are aroace or actually Google other gender identities to finally find a non-binary identity. Be happy with yourself because that's the best thing to do when you have one life. Now I must go and keep learning how to live because annoyingly, there's no manual to life.
  4. 100% liberal regarding American policies though that could be because I live in the uk
  5. In English discombobulated and anthropoid- but there are always interesting words. Oh and also simulacrum.
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