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  1. Banned for including mirrored letters in your name
  2. Banned for being the first person to ban someone this July
  3. Banned for having a truly awesome character as a profile pic.
  4. Banned for banning someone in the past ten minutes.
  5. Banned for not appreciating the quadrangle with the minimum circumference for a given area and for missspelling "being".
  6. Banned for use of an abbreviation (for the words profile picture) that has more letters than what was abbreviated has words.
  7. Banned for having only three out of five strips of the aro flag visible in a profile picture.
  8. I am... not demi-bi? I just have a plethora of issues that make acting on sexual attraction not something I'm willing to chance, a lot of the time?
  9. Trying to add to this from a slightly different, but still aro and bi perspective: - in my case, I already was attending monthly meet-ups for a bi group when I figured out I was aro, and knew the group's generally rather determined to be welcoming - also to ace(-spec), trans and enby folk. So I just kept attending those meetings, as well. I am currently default-aro-person there. Also Unofficial Hugger. One day, I'm going to figure out how to talk about this intersection to this group. They're interested in listening. I am also the default alloaro person in the ace aro group where I attend
  10. Most of my contributions happened due to me not having impulse control and just somehow stumbling into doing stuff. I maintain that it shouldn't quite count as activism unless it happened more deliberately than I did anything, but the evidence against me is starting to… somewhat pile up? Ooh! Fellow fantasy fan! What do you like to read/write?
  11. Huh. I have never really thought about this in detail before? Aroness definitely interacts with me experiencing gender, to me - @Jot-Aro Kujo and @nonmerci kinda already discussed the romance expectations that are way too often associated with femininity, and I'm trans vaguely-guy-ish. Most of my friends as a teenager were cis girls who… performed to that? So - me being aro and perceived as a girl in my friend circle's discussions was kind of hell, and dysphoria and romance repulsion had a lot of Not Fun Interactions in any discussion involving crushes (Who Is Your Crush?) and any discuss
  12. So - hi, I guess? I should probably say something about myself. My name's Sal, I'm aro, bi, trans/non-binary/vaguely-male-ish-gender-is-complicated, use he/him and they/them pronouns (as well as er/ihm and neo-pronouns, depending on language), a university student in Vienna, from Austria, someone who's first language is German, neurodivergent but not quite sure how specifically, really into math, into fanfiction, and someone who hasn't been online for a couple of months until very, very recently. Some elaboration: When I say I'm into math, that means I study
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