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  1. Sorry for my English I'm Italian you are too young to know you are only afraid of suffering you haven't met the right person yet you are a heartless bitch you are a heartless bitch you just say it to get you cool
  2. Shines


    thank you for the advice. unfortunately here in Italy there is little information and the subject is ignored, as if the only way to love was romantic. however I will try to make my mom known to my world through AUREA. Thanks again
  3. Shines


    good evening, sorry for my bad english (i come from italy) my name is alessia and i am 18 years old, I have never experienced romantic attraction, on the contrary often Platonic attraction.I often happened to disappoint the people who tried with me, this makes me feel bad, especially if I care about them, I am sexually attracted to males and females, I love the game of seduction but when the time comes, I always go back. I think this is wrong but I don't want to hurt other people's feelings. also I would like to fall in love one day but the thought scares me a lot and I don't think it will ev
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