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  1. I only know a handful of Japanese words from anime. A splash of Spanish from high school. That is about it. Idatakimasu -thanks for the food/amen? Gochisosama - thanks for the food again, but said when your done eating or something. Arigato - thank you Teme/Omai - these always come up as bastard or asshole, but I am not sure what they mean. Because I have heard it said in regular scenarios. Chibi - shrimp/tiny.
  2. I have extreme levels of paranoia, that lead to sleepless nights because I have a fear of someone robbing my home. I am very unsociable and isolationist with my life style as well. I do not consider it a disability though. I also may or may not be a sociopath, though I have never been properly diagnosed.
  3. I would eat literally any brand, but usually the fancier the better quality. I prefer sherberts.
  4. Awesome! Yes, let us have a nice glass of red wine and some pasta!
  5. Things I do not mind: 1) Holding hands (it seems natural and friendly and non disruptive) 2) Hugging (It is a natural response and important in both social, romantic, and QPR relationships.) Things that I dislike: 1) Making out, or kissing more than once. (Such as a parting kiss. It seems inappropriate to draw attention to yourself with making out in front of anyone) 2) Sexual or physical "Hints". (Slapping ass, or humping etc. Is extremely inappropriate. No one wants to see that) 3) Favours (I need no explanation here, please no)
  6. Is ice cream the equivalent of Aven's cake meme? Thanks for the chill welcome.
  7. I was never repulsed by romanticism, but I was never interested in it either. I understood it, I just did not have a desire to participate. I could understand I was this way, since around high school when everyone was discussing the latest gossip about who was in what relationships. I have had people ask me why I never dated, and I always told that that I was busy studying and such.
  8. I myself and pretty timid, I had this girl once ask me out and I said yes, then no after we were alone. I felt bad for doing so, but I was too scared to say no in front of other people.
  9. I enjoy light alcohol, such as margaritas and bloody mary's during the evenings. More so, because it makes dinner taste so much better.
  10. I love both this song, and its name.
  11. I am a Slytherin I divergent faction is Erudite and Candor. My parent is Hades.
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