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  1. I headcanon that Mario and Peach are in a qpr bc them dating never appealed to me and in Mario Odyssey Peach aside from not being interested in Bowser, she wasn’t interested in Mario. So I headcanon Peach as aroace or even being lesbian is neat. Also I just like imagining them giving each other emotional support and just hanging out together. I don’t really have sexuality headcanons for Mario but him being biromantic ace seems appealing to me.
  2. Eww (I immediately said eww irl lol)
  3. As a child I never wanted to have biological kids but I wanted to adopt them and I still think that way. My mother obviously said that when I was older I would change my mind, aside from now knowing I’m trans and asexual I never wanted bio kids lol. I’m demiromantic so it’s definitely possible I would marry someone I’m romantically attracted to or maybe I’ll be in a qpp relationship. But I’m also ok with not finding either or finding someone after my 30-40s.
  4. Hi, I’m Asher and recently I believe I’m demiromantic? It feels right but I still have some doubts. But I’m glad I found a place to talk about it and to meet other people with similar experiences! Also I’m glad this server isn’t closing down at least in the near future.
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