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  1. Everything what I've wanted for 7 years is a real friendship. The real friendship, where I will be understood. I've never met someone like me - about 18 years old acearo Christian(I'm catholic). For me friendship is almost the most important thing in my life(more important is only my passion, which is better friend for me that any human has ever been, but you know, passion is not human) and the best relation in the world, but I haven't found anyone that I would tell him everything and he will be understand or just really support me, if he wouldn't understand. I just feel so lonely, only because I don't want sex, to hold hands, kissing etc..., because everyone have something "better", "funnier", because I think I'm the victim of time, everyone around me changed and wants something that for me is not to understand and I just don't like it(I mean relationship all the time). And that's why I have to be lonely? Because for someone I never can be as important as that someone is important to me and I just feel treated unfair?

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  2. You won't find a real friend, that guy in college will leave you when he will find a girlfriend. Everyone around you will want to find a partner and no one will think about friendship. Do not masturbate, you won't like it.. You'll be lonely and you won't be understood by anyone... Stay with Jesus Christ and try to survive that life as long as you can and after that everything will be alright...

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  3. 6 hours ago, Korbin said:


    Woa that's cool. Tying to get into music myself but my family keeps having to pawn my guitar and all I have to play at the moment is a cheap keyboard. Pianos are awesome. My sibling used to have one but they never learned how to play it. I was soooo jealous. I also used to play violin.


    Been considering doing covers, or at least learning how to sing as I'd like to maybe do voice acting someday- and also because as a trans person it's also been a dream of mine to do a pre hrt and post hrt duet. 


    You have a youtube? Would you mind sharing? I'm just curious. 


    I say I play piano, but it's keyboard too haha but so good keyboard that imitates a piano. I don't know if sharing my Youtube channel will be comply with rules on forum. I send you by private message ;)

  4. I love music! I love Michael Jackson's songs, singing a dancing to it. I had a few performances about it :D Otherwise I had a few performances singing and dancing(always in the same time) to other songs. I play a piano too. I try making music, on my YouTube channel there are a few projects(some short melodies) and 2 covers but my voice from more more than 1 year ago doesn't sound good in them 😜 I'm fascinated by conducting in symphony orchestra and want to do it one day, but I even haven't started ;)

    I think that's all :)

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  5. My character and needs have always been the same, I mean.. since about 10 years ago(I'm 18 years old). I never felt I need that romance that everyone around me suddenly felt they need... I was still looking for friends. More than 1 year ago, after 6 years of waiting I [thought] I found a real friend. After 2 months he found a girlfriend and he just left me. I don't want to repeat it third time(first time was 7 years ago).. that's why I'm here :):) For me friendship is the best relation in the world, but unfortunately I don't have friends 😜

  6. Hi everyone,

    I'm so excited to be here :D I'm 18 years old acearo from Poland and I'm searching for acearo friends! :) I'm catholic, interested in music(that is my passion - I love Michael Jackson, other pop and classical music). Otherwise I like Formula 1, gaming(simulations) and football. I'm like a child a little bit, because I want to have relation I've been looking for for about 7 years - a real friendship.. but I like some kind of closeness. I would hug my friend, for example, and I don't have any problems with contact like that with friends :) Now it's too hard to find real friends. Y'know, most of people >15 years old prefer kissing, holding hands etc. but I dream about having a lot of contact with a few people like me seeing/writing each other a lot :D

    If you want to know more about me or just want/need to talk, call me on private message, I am active very very often 😁

    (haha that's so sad, I'm active very often and don't write with anyone because no one wants to 😅 )


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