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  1. My mum had 30+ to see how utterly unsutble I am as aro. I think she would have preferred me as allo but she can deal with it. I have no contact with the sperm donor for 17 years, best decision I ever made. I'm sure he is still mad that I'm not stuck in a marriage where I'm raped and beaten by a man all day, but hey too bad the world don't revolve around what he wants.
  2. One of my favourite book by Olivia White Bright Lights and Glass Houses, is fantastic. It is not an aro book per se, it even had one romantic centric tale. It is written by an aromantic transwoman prior to her realising that she is both trans and aro, which made it extra interesting as I sort of figured out both by reading it. Another one is Common Bonds: A Speculative Aromantic Anthology, edited by Claudie Arseneault, C. T. Callahan, Roanna Sylver. I haven't read it yet so can't comment on it. A short story by Penny Stirling, Last Ocean Tide Lost in Sand. I didn't like it due to personal pet peeves of a subtype of specfic prose approach, but I still recommend it anyway in case if you do.
  3. Hello there. I'm a mid thirty something NB, been aromantic for as long as I have been alive, and used the aro label the moment I knew of it. 99.9% asexual, once in a while I am sexually interested in women/NB in a fleeting manner that never really justified acting upon it. Romantically interested literally never. I really like manuls.
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