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  1. That would be terrifying. I would be terrified of the all-out chaos that would happen, but leaving earth would be a whole different set of worries (unless space technology and knowledge advanced a lot before then). I would try to go if efforts to escape were made, I guess, but leaving would be almost as terrifying to me as staying. Edit after I read your spoiler (don't read until after you read Danny's spoiler):
  2. Granted! You get good birthday presents, but you soon discover you are allergic to all of them and can't even be in the same room with any of them without needing an epipen. I wish my cat got along with other cats.
  3. Zema, I just noticed your hidden text. But you still can't see it when you use the dark theme!
  4. Wow! Are they dangerous to people?
  5. I don't either. I just know it sounds terrifying.
  6. That's why I avoid swimming in lakes.
  7. She sells sea shells down by the sea shore.
  8. Banned because the fact that this was obvious was just as obvious as the original fact for which Nakaez was banned.
  9. It's a fun game! I've played it once.
  10. I have found it useful to be out with my labels. It makes it clear to people not only that I'm not interested in relationships now, but that I probably never will be, and I've accepted that. Using something more general sometimes makes people think I'm just not ready yet or haven't found the right person yet. Several people have realized they were ace spectrum because I came out as asexual and explained what that meant to them and others. And for those who aren't, maybe they won't be as surprised when the next person they know comes out as asexual to them. That said, I don't come out to everyone, or even everyone who asks about my relationships. It is completely your decision whether or not to come out, and how many people to come out to if you decide to come out.
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