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  1. Granted! The ferry is horribly shaky, noisy, and polluting, so it's totally miserable to ride it or live anywhere near it. I wish I didn't look younger than I am.
  2. You know when you quote someone, that person gets notified. Maybe not the best strategy if you want people to forget about this thread for a day.
  3. No, they're definitely books. And here's a sandwich:
  4. I like this version better, though:
  5. And I would like to share with you the most amazing book.
  6. Wow. I'm so sorry you had that experience. NOT cool. The closest I came to this was when I was pressured to take a ballroom dance class. It was fun sometimes when I succeeded in ignoring the romantic undertones, but it never became comfortable, even though I was there for nine months. So many romantic undertones that I didn't understand. We had to form into partners, and I HATED that. And sometimes they would say "ladies' choice" which would make it even MORE uncomfortable. I didn't want to make anyone feel bad. I didn't want to make anyone think I had a crush on them. I was glad when the mother of a boy in the class said he never got picked and she asked if I would pick him sometimes, because then I had a different reason to pick someone. Overall, it was awkward and too close to make eye contact with someone, and I had the constant sense that there was something going on that I didn't understand. Before I realized I was aro/ace, including when I took ballroom dance, I did feel pressure to pretend I understood things I didn't understand. Now, I just tell people if I don't understand something romantic/sexual and and ask what it means. I did do some truth or dare, and when they asked me if I had a crush on anyone, I would just say no. They probably didn't believe me, but whatever. One time, they asked if I could marry anyone in the group, who would it be, and I just said the name of the host's dog.
  7. Hello. My name is Elder Price.
  8. Dark theme is interesting, but some things don't show up right.
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