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    Atlamillia Pixie
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    Aro/Akoi(ne)romantic Heterosexual
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    College Undergrad

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About Me


Been identifying as aromantic since 02MAR2020.

A little about me:

22 year old aromantic/akoi(ne)romantic heterosexual female.

College undergrad studying Forensic Science with an emphasis on Biology. 

Sense of style/ atheistic is best described as GothLite™️

Atheist and Secular Humanist.

Absurdist and Skeptic.

Interests mainly include video games, anime/manga, books, TV and movies, Dungeons & Dragons, and archery.

Socially awkward AF and introverted as hell with occasional bouts of extroverted-ness (is that a word? well it is now). 

Crazy cat lady in training.

Sense of humor ranging from stupid puns and dad jokes to "so, the dark side has really good cookies or something?".

Amateur writer and artist.

Meyers-Briggs Personalisty Type: ISTP

Proud to be aromantic.


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