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  1. That lady sounds so lovely! My older brother has a friend who has never been into anybody sexually and romantically but he's "dating" this girl simply because they love each other so strongly platonically. Idk it's just sweet the way they worked something out. It also shows that Aros can thrive with or without partners. I've heard so many good things about Anne with an e! I'm honestly not sure why I haven't started watching it yet lol but I read the books (Anne of Green Gables) and I'd probably enjoy the show too :D
  2. There are few things as validating to me, as a young aro, then learning about older relatives/ mutuals who are happily single and still enjoying life. The world is so romance driven that I just love hearing about people who are happy in the future I'll most likely have
  3. I really enjoy the calm moments in life when you are not needed to do everything. Things like being up in the middle of the night when you're allowed to do whatever you want alone, reading, just listening to music in your room etc. The world is so fast and we always have the next thing to do that I just absolutely love those calm moments
  4. I found my label pretty young, as I'm still in high school, but I have these concerns as well. My friend and I plan on living together after highschool if possible, such as rooming together in college etc, but I don't know what will come after that. My dream is to have a friend I live with who will help raise some pets and hopefully a child, because I still do love kids despite my orientation. It's hard since society says we've succeeded when we we're married, have a house, and family to figure out when we've, as Aros, "succeeded"
  5. I've always loved Romance growing up and was such a disney fan, hopeless romantic etc. When I got into my first (and only) relationship and realized I was opposed and bothered by everything to deal with the relationship, I was heartbroken. Finding out I was Aro helped with this broken feeling but I still truly loved romance! Well I've been identifying as Aro for a couple years now and I've noticed I'm not as fond of romance anymore. Being Aro really opened my eyes to amatonormativity and how many works contained romance that simply didn't need it. All of this to say, I enjoy action parts of a movie a lot more than the, seemingly , unnecessary romantic sideplot that quickly turns into the only plot. I don't know, I just kinda miss freely loving romance.
  6. That's wonderful news! I'm even more glad I joined now 💚💚
  7. I can totally understand! I've identified as Aro/Ace for two years but the discourse surrounding the ace community is hard to take in. I wish you luck on your label journey and just want you to know you are 100% valid
  8. Sorry I never got the notification for your comment! I'm glad I get to enjoy it now and apparently we migrated? I haven't looked into it much but I think that means we're staying!
  9. Hi I'm Rose (or AroThroughMyHeart) and I'm Aro/Ace. I actually found my identity out early on, as I'm just a teenager, but it still was relieving to know I wasn't broken 😆 Some things I like to do are: read, paint, and make people happy! The way I found out I was ace was through a "joke" lgbt+ quiz me and my friends took . I got the result "Asexual" looked it up and was shocked to find out it wasn't the norm. From there, I found the label Aromantic and felt less pressured to date in highschool! I'm sad this website might be closing down, but I figured I might as well actually get an account while I still had the chance to.
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