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  1. The time a friend insisted I must have a crush on a friend of mine. Apparently she could tell by 'the way I was looking at her'. All this because that same friend asked me if I'd ever wondered what it'd be like to have a girlfriend, and specifically that one friend. So I imagined it for a bit but couldn't and I was like 'I mean, I guess I've thought about it' and it literally spun into her assuming I must have a crush on her. Got 19 year old, still unaware of aro/ace me VERY confused for a while. It literally turned into me having a couple of romantic dreams about me and that friend, probably because the thought was occupying my mind so much (me being really confused and all that xD). Good thing i'm not exactly romance repulsed? I was so annoyed by it though. I was like 'YO BRAIN CAN YOU NOT THIS WHOLE FIGURING THIS OUT THING IS ANNOYING ENOUGH DURING DAYTIME' (come to think of it, just the fact that I woke up going 'ugh, not again' rather than 'OMG IT WAS JUST A DREAM ' should PROBABLY have been a giveaway. xD) ALSO: Every single time when I was going out as a teenager. My mum: *jokingly* no boys! And I was just always like 'yea no worries lol'
  2. This isn't really a thing in the Netherlands, but my secondary school did have a (boring) rip-off of it. I went with my friends, but did do the dressing nice thing. Everybody thought i looked AMAZING. I thought I looked like not me I also didn't think it was that fun honestly. Literally people were so hyped over it and me and my friend were just like 'eeeeeh, wasn't that greaaaat...' OMG. that sounds so awkward! At the same time it also sounds... At least a little more interesting than my end of school dance thing. Sounds like a fun little act to me, though of course I would've ruined everything with my entirely graceless way of dancing.. and walking in heels... let alone DANCING IN HEELS.... Yeah. They wouldn't want me there
  3. I live very close to the German border, but in a different place, so we don't live horribly close to each other Thanks for the welcome, all ^^
  4. HI there! I'm Elluna, a 25 year old aromantic asexual from the Netherlands. Actually took me quite a while (until I was 23) to fully realise I wasn't a late bloomer. I noticed something was off about my (lack of) romantic experience when I was 12, but it took me a long time to realise that probably wasn't about to change anytime soon. I'm pretty secure in this identity now, though.
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