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    I am a trans male- never thought about crushes coming from jealousy, i guess ill start thinking about that too. Im bi- maybe, thats another thing. I like girls, not often. If i like a girl its usually off of personality because i find men more attractive physically. Personality is hella important in both but in girls its usually what i base a 'like' out of. And along with that- ive never had sexual feelings towards females. ah the world of questioning yourself- you think you are done and figured out but then life decides to screw with you:)
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    I dont know if im aro or not. I never really thought so but recently ive been unsure. I like people for their ohysical look and then their personalities. Sometimes just look. I dont know if i would want a relationship. Im perfectly happy with my friendships. I want kids but im not sure jf i want to marry. I have liked people enough to want to date them. I might want to marry one day. I used tk think aro was impossible for me to be but i dont know. So from a confused guy- do you think i could fall in the spectrum?
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