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  1. Yes please!! Help would be very appreciated! I’m sorry, I haven’t actually done any work on it yet since I’ve been very busy with online uni, but this is still a really cool project and I’ll definitely take some time this week to try and help edit/get a translation started.
  2. Hello, I just read all of this thread and think this is a brilliant idea! I would love to help in some way, but I have no experience writing Wikipedia articles so I’m not sure how to help exactly. I can proofread (and maybe write), and would be happy to translate anything you guys come up with into German if that’s helpful?
  3. Thank you guys so much for your kind replies! Yes, I’m definitely working on ignoring those thoughts. It honestly just helps to know there are other people out there like me. I’ve spent a lot of time reading aspec community forums online and reading books etc, which was a big help especially when I was younger. And the people irl are amazing as well, of course. Thank you again! Looking forward to spending more time on here!
  4. I’ve been on AVEN for a while now, but since I’m aroace, I thought I’d make an account over here as well. I first started questioning when I was about 14, but then I spent several years thinking I was ‘too young to know”, or “a late bloomer”, or that “the right person would come along someday”. I don’t know. It’s been a few years now, and while some part of me still has those thoughts in the back of my head (which might also be internalised amatonormativity) I also know that the word that accurately reflects my experiences in my life so far and into the foreseeable future is aroace. And I don’t want to wait to label myself just in case something changes in 5 years - because firstly, who knows if it even will? And secondly, even if it does, I can change my label to grey or demi or whatever fits my identity at that point in my life, and that won’t have made all these years of being aroace a lie. I’ve come out to, like, 5 people in my life, and they’ve all been absolutely amazing, which I’m very grateful for. But (as far as I’m aware,) I don’t know any aspec people irl, which is why I’d really like to be a part of the online communities on tumblr, AVEN, and here. So... hi. It’s very nice to meet all of you, and I’m excited to be here! Thanks for reading my confused ramble about my identity, if you got this far
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