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  1. i'm pretty much already "out" in that i've made it well known to friends/family that i have no interest in romance of any sort, so explicitly "coming out" as aromantic has never felt necessary to me.
  2. currently i'm replaying the life is strange series, alongside killer is dead and ghost of tsushima.
  3. pretty much true! i've got a decent-sized manga/comic collection and now i'm collecting an ever-growing mountain of horror novels. TPBM is a gamer.
  4. when i was younger i was alright with it to an extent (i even had some ships here and there), but over time i started to grow more indifferent, then annoyed with it. now i'm fully aware that i'm aro and that amatonormativity the reason for all these pointless romances in media, and nowadays i'm just craving some more platonic love in media, lol.
  5. Hey I'm in the PNW too! Heh. Small world! What if we know each other but we don't know we know each other? Anywho, have a good day, fellow human :)

    1. Queasy_Attention
    2. loneranger98


      sorry i haven't logged on in a while lol.

      but we really live in a gorgeous region don't we? i live in washington but my favorite part i've visited is the oregon coast. have you ever been?

      and i always wonder if i've ever met someone from the internet irl and just didn't know it. we could have for all we know!

    3. Queasy_Attention


      Yooooo go Seahawks! I've been to Eugene for a couple summers, lived in Portland for a few months, and I visited Cannon Beach when I was a kid but I don't remember it much. It gets a little too hot in the summer down there for me, but otherwise it's such a lovely area.

  6. i'm aiming for a career in the arts, either as a graphic novelist or somewhere in the animation industry.
  7. my results are pretty off, probably because some of the answer choices are kinda weird lol. i got: 33% aro 33% aroace 17% not aro (???) 17% demi 0% romantic+ace
  8. i'm highly romance-repulsed if it's directed towards me, but mostly indifferent when it's toward someone else, whether a friend/relative or in media. that being said i don't often use these labels unless it's a topic of discussion, which it hardly ever is.
  9. green day - don't wanna fall in love moses sumney - doomed cavetown - this is home danko jones - don't fall in love mother mother - alone and sublime will jay - never been in love
  10. i didn't specifically use the aro label but i have told my parents that i neither want to marry nor have kids. thankfully they took it well but my mom's still a bit disappointed she's not getting grandkids from me. good thing one of my sisters does plan on having kids so i'm basically off the hook lol.
  11. i'd rather live solo but i'd be open to the idea of living with a roommate or two (without sharing sleeping space that is)
  12. i've never even been on a date lol. i've been asked out before but i've never said yes because i've frankly just never been interested. even the thought of someone wanting me like that makes me almost uncomfortable lol.
  13. i'm from washington state. i like it here except it rains a bit too much lol.
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