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  1. Hello Sajastar, Welcome to the forum!
  2. People need to stop thinking that bisexuals just go along with anyone. Nobody will just go with anyone, not even animals do. I think that bisexuality is very 'noble' because you can in a way see the beauty/sexual appeal of persons from different genders. Almost spiritual. (Sapios should understand the appeal of the personality above the flesh considerations.) You are valid, specially not a slut and should not feel that way. I'm very sad that you had to experience this.
  3. I used to say "Don't act on something that happened after 2AM." The alcohol makes it even worse. But of course you and your way to love are valid.
  4. At that age everybody is so obsessed with love. Later people have other interrest (job, home, family, children, business) so it's nice if you can find at least one in common with them. Sadly most people don't go back to strongly valuing frienships, except maybe in the times that they breakup with their SO. I'm trying to find like minded people too.
  5. Some nights my dreams are more vivid than usual. I can get all my senses including taste but strangely not smell. There was never any reason scenaristic reason for odours to matter in my dreams.
  6. I want to thank our aro militants active on other platforms for warning us about our bad visibility and the various unacceptable behaviours. They should be addressed but we should avoid overreacting. Useless venting about the queeragamic debate below... AUREA, Coyote, nonmerci and all other members here working on the education (wiki, press,...) are also fighting by prevention the Tblr misinformation and inaccurate memes.Thank you all for this! Hopefully dissemination of clear ressources will help the aro and the non-aro.
  7. This seems like an important topic but sadly I can't contribute. The few pages that I have read have made me so confused about the QPRs... I thought it was simple when reading the platonic definition on Merriam Webster. Not a very active follower on Tumblr and almost never on Discord, I don't get all the drama about aropolitics. If there is any sensible and tolerant content on these platforms I can help promote it.
  8. I have never really given a chance to a romantic or sexual relationship. For a long time I have waited to feel both sexual attraction and romantic attraction for somebody. I believed firmly that having one without the other was a lack of respect (old fashionned and invalidating like hell, I know). I'm probably only good with platonic attraction so my original plan was doomed to fail. Now I'm more open to alternative types of relationships but I feel fine on my own as well.
  9. Hello and welcome here 🙂
  10. Hello Sunflower8, welcome to the forum.
  11. Being a God because you are not something seems a very weird argument to me. In my religion, God encompasses everything. Are you of buddhist confession? Also I'd like to add that everyone is a (human) being of value. I've seen some supremacists in all domains (money, skills, sex, race, gender) and they all give me the creeps.
  12. Hello Llamacorn, welcome to the forum. The site will likely not shut down so don't worry. You can ask your questions and participate on the different threads as usual.
  13. Welcome noImaginationWhatsoever.
  14. I second this. Putting new borders around and subgroups (aro aces, aro allos, ...) help making these spaces safer and more confortable. But it will also push people into labels. If every online space does that there will be no place for the questionning anymore. I won't blame AVEN or others for trying to be aro inclusive and open. Because love is confusing some newbies think that they are asexual while they are mainly aromantic. Some people there have discovered aromanticism (me included). I understand that allo aros are feeling unconfortable being bundled with the asexual community because the sexual part of me experienced it first hand. In the asexual community, I can unintentionally be triggering to others as a graysexual and feel highly unconfortable around romantic aces. I have seen more grays and aros in AVEN. Raising awareness to all is ongoing and needed. As arocalypse decides to protect an independant aromantic space all aros should deffinitely find a safe place here. But pushing aromanticism out of AVEN is a bad idea I think since a lot of aromantics do belong there. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh for other parts of the aromantic community. I would think that more dialogue (like promotion of Arocalyspe from AVEN ) would be beneficial instead of being blocked in the past feuds.
  15. I have felt that before, specially after getting invalidated by my therapist. I know that there are other options for me to live happily but maybe I did not consider them before because too proud or too self-amatonormative. So now I try to be more receptive to change and possible solutions.
  16. Controversial opinion: there are still some alloromantic people who fake romance or even love only for convenience. A relative agreed to live together with somebody for laundry... If you have honnest feelings (even platonic) for somebody you have the right to try with your partner's consent a 'less perfect' type of relationship. The others don't agree? It's none of their business anyway so they don't even need to know the truth.
  17. Thank you very much for your work so far! I can't help with the technical parts but I can try to help with the funding if there is a fundraiser.
  18. Aesthetic attraction at first sight is quite common I think. You can hint about it with lenghty character descriptions. Now telling about this attraction literally does not sounds very nice in a plot. Usually people expect more of a connection than 'he/she/they looks so fine'.
  19. As a lot of people who are not completely romance repulsed I asked myself the same questions as Ashere. After a lot of Why? and What would I like in a relationship? I understood better two things. - What really made me happy. Also considering things from my own point of view, prioritizing reality to theory. Forgetting about amatonormative view. Was my vision of love idealized like a religion? - What I though was really cool in a couple (which for me ended up being the deep platonic dimension). I don't know if there is any shortcut or sure path to find this personal truth.
  20. Welcome to the forum k1tkat
  21. I would enjoy a certain level of communal living too. It is nice to have a common cause to work on. It doesn't hurt to expand your network to find such groups. At least you are more free to embrace the kind of life that you want than if you had kids. Now I'd probably need to follow my own advice too once more 🙂. Until now most initiatives I joined died out because of family limitations of the other participants.
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