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  1. Hope

    would you rather

    A toy/decor that can never be cleaned would you rather be a hero or a villain
  2. I’d rather watch anime then get married
  3. 1. In 7th grade I start questioning my sexuality. I went through thinking I'm pansexual then unsure of my sexuality throughout my journey. Then few months ago I realized I was bisexual when I find this girl the most attractive human-being on earth. 2. Unsure. While I was questioning my sexuality, I keep hearing aromantic a lot and I don't know what it meant in that time. Until I decided why not search it up what aromantic means when I thought I was all done questioning my sexuality. When I read the definition of what aromantic means. That's when I went back to questioning board and next day, I realize I'm aromantic. So in some way kinda, but also not really sure either. 3. Seperate. My experience with sexual attraction and romantic attraction our no where near related in any shape of form.
  4. I love to take hot showers because it's so nice and relaxing. I enjoy when the mirror our fog up because I can write or draw things on the mirror because why not
  5. I been watching a lot of Blaire White, Kalvin Garrah, Sam Collins, and Miss London. They our trans and I enjoy a lot of their contact regardless it’s about trans topic or other issues or vlogs or story time videos. They always make the most amazing and funny contact. I also like Jessie Paege (bisexual), MacDoesIt (gay), and Thomas Sanders (gay)
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