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  1. You have to live your life as you see fit. My parents also wanted me to marry and have children. When they realized that was NOT going to happen, they got over it and still loved me for who I am.
  2. I think it's up to each individual. I just recently (with the past month) "came out" to several friends. Many of them already knew (even if they didn't know the term), and all of them were accepting. Turns out they liked me for me all along (who knew?)! I don't feel comfortable coming out to family members. My Mom especially. She's 82 and still thinks I just haven't "found the right girl" yet. Because I've never had a steady girlfriend, some of them have asked me point blank if I'm gay. Which I found rather amusing, because they've never seen me with a steady boyfriend, either!
  3. What exactly is "love" anyway??? When I help someone, I help myself. When I show kindness to another person, I get kindness in return. That's all that's important to me.
  4. I just discovered the term this past year (2019), but I've really known all my life. I'm now 54 years-old and just recently "came out" as a hetero aromantic to some good friends. I've received nothing but positive support. Many of them knew it, even if they didn't know the term for it.
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