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  1. I just finished watching Dr.Stone, it’s a fun shounen anime about science, and the main character, Senku, is soooo aroace, his true love can only be science! And I like that he doesn’t always act cold or logic-driven, he likes a good challenge and cares about his friends a lot, and there are some moments, that show that
  2. Oh, it’s absolutely perfect, I love orientations named after gods ^^ Thank you!
  3. YMBAI all these posts saying “imagine that your crush visits your profile everyday and wishes you were close to them” sound kind of creepy to you
  4. Sometimes I would try to convince myself that I have a crush on someone because it was “right”... but it never worked out. I know how miserable you may feel when everyone around you is talking about having crushes and dating, and I really liked Echidna’s comment about the fantasy genre! I know media is a small part of our lives, but using it as a way to forget about romance for at least *some* time may be a good idea :D
  5. There are certain problems you encounter when labeling your sexuality as a non-binary person. I've always been attracted to men and I usually call myself straight because I still consider myself somewhat "female-aligned", but my experience is different from a typical straight woman or a gay man. Nblm doesn't exactly suit me because I view it as an umbrella term for all non-binary people, who are capable of being attracted to men, which would include bi, pan and etc (just like mlm and wlw are umbrella terms). Ideally, I'd want to find a label that describes attraction to men only. Andosex
  6. Even if a label technically describes you, you shouldn't feel pressure to actively use it, and it's okay to prioritize other labels. Especially when it comes to discourse, I understand that it may feel tiring to constantly see debates about your identity. But whatever your reasoning is, it's okay. Not everyone has the same relationship with their asexuality or aromantism. I am arospec and non-binary, but I don't feel a strong connection to those labels and choose to use them because I know they accurately describe my feelings and experience. And I choose to post on this forum just becaus
  7. There are many characters, who can be read as aromantic because they are "too busy to think about love" or whatever. I just want to see someone who is openly aro, but isn't cold or emotionless. And I definitely feel like we need more alloaros
  8. 10% to 90% Social Issues: 0% Conservative, 100% LiberalPersonal Responsibility: 0% Conservative, 100% LiberalFiscal Issues: 25% Conservative, 75% LiberalEthics: 0% Conservative, 100% LiberalDefense and Crime: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal
  9. I understand your decision and don't blame you for it in any way, but I am still extremely sad that such a great platform soon will stop existing both because I came here only recently and because the aromantic community feels very... disconnected outside of it. Thank you for all the work you've put into this site, I hope you will find someone to take over it ❤️
  10. I wanted to discuss what everyone did for ASAW this year and share our excitement. It was my first time celebrating it and I wanted to focus on posting relevant information, especially because I felt like there wasn't enough info in my native language. I have a small, but active twitter account, so I made several threads about aromanticism and some of the terms related to it. A couple of people actually told me they could relate to what I was talking about and realized they could be aromantic too, which is already more than I originally expected
  11. Oh, I only watched the anime, so I didn't know that :0 I suppose aro Okuyasu would be very cute too, hm.
  12. Honestly? Josuke from JJBA. He seemed very confused by the idea of Okuyasu wanting to date and has never expressed interest in anyone, and I can relate to that. I also headcanon Jotaro as aromantic, and would absolutely love them to talk about their aromanticism. They could share their experience together, and because Jotaro already is sort of a mentor for Josuke, he could give him some advice on growing up and just reassure him that things will get better eventually.
  13. I'm quite young, but I plan to spend my future studying and/or working abroad as an English teacher or as a translator. I have plenty of friends and I want to keep in contact with them and make some new ones. I'm happy even without a qpr, but finding one would be great, though at the moment I don't know anyone who who would be interested or seems to be a good match for me.
  14. I saw that some forums show members' birthdays on their main page with a small message congratulating them. It's a small, but sweet thing, maybe we could add that?
  15. I don’t get how some people really hate their exes and that it’s considered to be okay. It’s understandable to hate someone who turned out to be terrible once you got to know them better, but even the happiest couples end up like this sometimes, and I just don’t understand why you can’t remain friends after a break up if you used to enjoy your each other’s company so much.
  16. Howdy. I’ve already lurked a bit on the forum, so I suppose it’s the time to also write a small introduction for myself. I’m Kallie, a High School student from a non-English speaking country, so I’m sorry in advance for any of the mistakes I could make. I had a conversation with my best friend this autumn. We were talking about a guy, who has been crushing on me for more than a year now, and I told her that I simply don’t understand how someone could have such strong feelings towards an another person (and thought he was lying), and she told me I will understand it later. We
  17. Very early aromantic moment, but when I was nine or so, I would always hang out with one boy in my class after school, and one time he asked me if I loved anyone (and was expecting me to say that I loved him), but I said “Yeah, I love my dad a lot”.
  18. I found out about asexuality in 2015, and then about aromanticism in 2016 when I was doing my research about various LGBT+ identities, but I started questioning myself only in 2019. I’m in High School now, most of my classmates either have a crush on someone or are already dating, and when my best friend told me she got a boyfriend I thought she was joking because I couldn’t imagine how it must feel or why she would want it. So I realized I don’t understand what half of the people I know are talking and asked myself if I can even feel any romantic attraction. Based on my research,
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