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  1. No joke, I used to think that I was craving for hugs, but I would always find them awkward or unsatisfying. One day, while sleeping on my bed in a big pile of pillows, I realized that I was just crazing the incredible coziness of my bed. Other than that, I crave having someone playing with my hair... Fortunately, my hair is very fluffy which makes people want to play with it.
  2. What a great introduction! Welcome to you, I'm sure you will enjoy this place!
  3. It's so delicious that you eat until your stomach fails. I wish my mind was transferred in a computer.
  4. Misophonia + Romantic repulsion + any couple kissing around me = Madness level over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Kinda want to join the chat... but I'm so busy D:

    1. Zema


      If you want to join us, most of the chat regulars have migrated to here: https://discord.gg/UwzXdxJ

  6. Really glad that went well for you, your mom is a sweat heart! Also, your explanation is great!
  7. Uh..well...10M$ is a lot of money... and I'm a horrible person ^^ A million dollar, but you have to spend it on the Deep Web (you have to use your own computer to navigate and are exposed to all the risks of the Spoopy Scary Dark Deep Web)
  8. Now that's benefit! More people should use it this way
  9. I've been close to be in relationships many times... but as soon as they would get physically closer or too attached to me, I would feel pain in my chest (that I first thought was "stomach butterflies of love") along with a powerful urge to run away as fast as possible (which made the "stomach butterflies of love" thing a bit invalid). Anyway, because of that, I have been very rude to some of them and I still feel bad when I think about it. At least, discovering aromantism relieved me from most of my culpability, but I wish my teenage self could have been a bit more temperate about it.
  10. Cowboy Bebop Some guys that are so bad at what they are doing that they end up doing it good.
  11. I am sexually repulsed and feel no sensual attraction (or so little that I don't bother thinking about it). Of course, since I feel neither of them, all conclusion that I get is by doing very general logic association. For instance, sexual attraction makes you sexually aroused (I guess), sensuality is about the sens of touch (in all its different forms). Therefore, any feeling of attraction for physical contact that doesn't make you sexually aroused is probably sensual attraction. This logic is probably far from being flawless, but up to now, it's the one that satisfied me the most considering the infinite possibilities of the human experience.
  12. You become an emoticon... just a bunch of pixels on a screen I wish I lived in tokyo
  13. I have this feeling too. Explaining can be so long and difficult depending who you are dealing with, and the other person might not even listen to you... Whenever someone talks romance to me I simply answer with "HAHAhAhaha.......No."
  14. When you get a career and have almost no time for even yourself, they admire your dedication... but they have pity because you "can't be fully happy without someone in your life". There's no way we can win D:
  15. To me, aromanticism and asexuality have almost fused together by now. I do relate more to what aros say (because of the romantic side of most aces), but as a person I feel like they are both equally important to my identity. They both match my personality so well that whenever I try to imagine myself without one of them, it feels like a totally different person.
  16. Not really a proper disability... but my blood pressure is SUPER LOW and I can get dizzy for just turning my head too fast. Fortunately, the only medicine I need to raise my pressure is salt, which I cary with me all the time... just in case. Needless to say people are always curious when I they see me eat salt for no apparent reason, and whenever someone questions me I tell them it "keeps the demon weak". People already see me as a weirdo, might as well embrace the role and have fun with it!
  17. This... you are the first person to put into words this horrible feeling that I hate so much.
  18. People who automatically assume that I am a romo who's acting like I don't understand others to look like some kind of special snowflake... or people who leave me out of conversations about any kind of interactions between humans just because I might express a different opinion or come up with a "too rational" argument. Because you know, I'm this creep that doesn't understand the Human Nature and thinks everyone should be as cold as me.
  19. Well, I wasn't bad at drawing, this could be funny! 1M$ but you can only spend it on useless souvenir
  20. Not that much of a problem, yes! 1M$, but one of your friends (randomly picked, might be a close friend or a friend you haven't seen for years) is 900 000$ in dept and your money cannot be used to pay for it (directly or not).
  21. Welcome to the Arocalypse! I can totally relate to the "I don't get it" feeling (And so do a LOT of people in here) And yes, Tom Hiddleston his awesome.
  22. The last big squish I had was last year on my piano teacher. He was, by far, the funnies, most awkward teacher I ever had! I don't really know why, but I instantaneously got this feeling that if we had met in an other context, we could have been really great friends! The fact that we almost had the same age might have something to do with it. Also, a couple of details make me think that he might be aro too, but I'm very unsure about this...
  23. The fact that sportive men are considered more "masculine" than those who are more intellectual bugs me as hell. OH, and the idea that a man should love cars and big engines... where does that even come from? Most of my friends don't even know a damn thing about cars!
  24. I can't really speak for the three last points, but indeed calling a sex friend a "friend with benefits" diminishes the other friendships which would have no benefit... And benefit is not supposed to be a synonym of sex... It's whatever you want it to be. Sex is not the only thing you can benefit from. The term "friends with benefits" as changed our understanding of both friendship and benefit in the same way that the term "netflix and chill" has changed the common understanding of the "chill" part.
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