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  1. For some reason I completely lost my squish on a friend I wanted to have a QPR with... And now I'm starting to think I'm actually more comfortable without any kind relationship.

    1. omitef


      <3 (green heart) Nothing wrong with not wanting any kind of relationship. 

  2. finally back!

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    2. Ace of Amethysts

      Ace of Amethysts

      Welcome back! Nice to meet you. :)

    3. Ugh...


      nice to meet you too!

    4. Louis On Air

      Louis On Air

      Your username is very distracting.

  3. I let my car, unlocked, in the parking of a train station, for an entire day... Fortunately it was still there and in one piece when I came back. How lucky!

  4. Back to college! Which means no more free time for me... 

  5. Thank god the heatwave is finally over... I thought I was gonna melt to death.

    1. ArodynamicallyFavored


      lucky!! :P

      if it isn't hot here then it's raining. xD we're either water skiing in the streets or frying eggs on the pavement.

    2. Ugh...


      @ArodynamicallyFavored Actually the 10°C drop came along with a nice fresh rain xD but nothing enough to be concerned about :)

  6. Kinda want to join the chat... but I'm so busy D:

    1. Zema


      If you want to join us, most of the chat regulars have migrated to here: https://discord.gg/UwzXdxJ

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