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  1. Hey. Discovered I’m Aromantic and not sure I’m very happy about it. It feels like a pretty lonely revelation, If I’m honest. I realised I have issues with “dismissive avoidant” attachment. And while I have dated, albeit minimally... I thought I grew up having crushes on guys and figured I couldn’t be aromantic because of that. Yet, I realised those crushes were never based on any desire to be physical with cuddling, kissing or sex. My crushes were a desire to be very close with that person in a unique friendship sort of way. I do desire a sort of unconventional relationship. I like the idea of a monogamous loyal bond with someone. But the idea of physical and romantic intimacy freaks me out. I like the idea of people having a crush on me, but I’d rather they didn’t tell me. I think I’m cupioromantic, I like the idea of romantic love and wish I was capable of it, but once it presents itself as a realistic opportunity to me, I get almost repulsed and weirded out. It’s not in my nature as much as I wish it was. How do you guys deal with realising this about yourself?
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