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  1. 1883 Don't give up, we've got some work to do
  2. I've always wanted a QPR, just someone to live my life, share secrets, making jokes noone can understand. You know, a QPR. I don't know why but I can only imagine this relationship with a guy. I go along with girls better, because I'm not that shy around them, but even having a guy friends sounds great. Boys just seem way more fun. I don't like girls in class, school, anywhere. Especially with makeup, fake nails, pop music, instagram stories looking so alike, they're all the same and I just don't understand. Now, I know this is just overgeneralizing, but tell me you don't know any girls like that. Guys are just vibin'. I don't even find girls aesthetically attractive. Only lesbians and tomboys, and I could imagine a QPR with them too now that I think about it. So if anyone knows tf is going on, please let me know or just share your experience/opinion. Also please don't imagine me just walking down the hall and just look at every girl with hatred in my eyes. Some girls are great, K? I have girl friends. Some girls are worth worshiping.
  3. Exactly. I occasionally think about this and I always get so sad. I am an introvert and right now i have like 1 friend I actually wanna be friends with. I'm a student so I'm surrounded by people my age every day, but I fear that as soon as I graduate all my friends will be married and happily living with their partners. And with rising age, it'll be getting just worse. If you've seen Bohemian Rhapsody, there's this scene where Freddie buys a huge house but all the band members are with their wives leaving him all alone, so he's sitting there(barbecue sauce on his titties) with his 20 cats. That's my future no joke. I'm gonna die alone and I'm not okay with that.
  4. YMBAI the only person ever giving you butterflies in your stomach is a dentist, because you're scared. YMBAI you thing "wow this song rocks" and then you look up the lyrics and are bitterly disappointed because the whole meaning is "i love you. please marry me" and you're just like eww why did they ruin a perfectly good song?
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