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  1. I told her! It went okay, she said she still wants to be friends and accepts me. She just needs some time to recover from the pain of heartbreak. I dont really understand heartbreak because i dont understand love tbh. But i understand that it must hurt alot and i kinda feel guilty for causing that pain. When i did it i felt so liberated and freed, i finally feel like i belong and im not alone. Like im not broken and weird. So thankyou for your response it cemented my thoughts and gave me the encouragement needed.
  2. Hello! I think I might be aromantic, I've been in one relationship in the past and I'm currently in one. The first one ended badly because I completely shut down at the end and didn't want to see or be intimate with the person (hug/hand holding). Obviously the relationship itself had some issues and we weren't that compatible. I remember her telling me how in love she was with me and how she felt breathless every time I walked into a room and in my mind all I could think was "how can someone feel that way, thats so strong and like weird?". I never had a "crush" on her and when she a
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