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  1. Ummm hi, I'm having a bit of a sexuality crisis and think I might be aromantic? I've had this profile a while back when I was questioning but then got a girlfriend. After we broke up I started realizing that I'm not sure if I ever really liked her outside of platonic? Literally the only thing that's making me think I might not be is the amount of fictional characters I have crushes on, but to be honest I've never really felt strongly about real actual people?? So basically long story short I'm hoping for some honest responses about helping me figure this out, even a little? I have had crushes in the past but looking back I either only liked them in the way you would admire a statue, physical attraction, or it was when I was so young that I can't even remember if it was platonic or not. I remember always looking at relationships as sort of scouting someone out to be in a relationship with and having an actual list of criteria then using that to decide who I would pursue while not putting any feelings into it. I mentioned crushes, all of those I can remember were from elementary school, I'm a sophomore in high-school now and have yet to experience "love" I guess. And maybe this is just a case in not finding the right person yet but I have virtually no desire to be in a relationship with someone outside of stability that would be the same as having a platonic room mate. I guess I'm also afraid of dying alone but honestly I'd like a platonic life mate or someone else who was aromantic just to move in together with and chill without having to worry about complicating things with unrequited romance. And cats, I like cats.
  2. Hi, I'm new here. My name is Kim, I'm an aromantic bisexual. I think I noticed something was different about when I was nearing the beginning of high school. I was at the ripe age of self influenced denial because frankly, I didn't want to be different from everybody else. But! Recently I figured out "everybody else" wasn't exactly what I thought it was. I found this forum while browsing the internet, a bunch of my other differently-oriented friends were having so much fun on other forums that I wanted to find one specifically relating to my own experiences to enjoy, and here I am.
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