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  1. Am I aro? Make some time since I started to think about this. The truth is: I'm so confusing and I need some help bc I don't think my friends would understand. So, you need to know I'm bissexual but I never really fell in love with someone (I think) - when I was in my first years of teenager all my friends had a lot of crushs in their lifes and I never really had one. I used to think that I was wrong, yk, I needed to have one. So I kind of choose some boys to like (but that's the thing, did I really choose or did I like them?). In the middle of this period I remember to search if existed people who don't feel nothing romantic for any gender. I discovered: "yes", but never did something with this information. So, now, I'm 18 years old and in a kind of relationship with some boy - he likes me so much and in the beginning of this I thought I was felling the same way (I actually could imagine us having this couple future everyone talks about) but then this passed. Every time (all the time*) he wants to have this "romantic physical contact" (hold hands, hug, etc) I feel so uncomfortable. And now I'm feeling so guilty. Like I said, I'm so confused: am I aro?? Or just being a asshole in my relationship?? *I don't really care about physical contact when it's moderate, not all the time, not forever (hope you guys can understand this kk) Thank you for reading this. And Ik it's boring but sorry for my English. Please SAY SOMETHING.
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