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  1. Hello ! I am Hana, a French girl. I'm sorry for my terrible english... After years of wondering why I felt different, and wondering what I was, I found myself here. I always wanted to believe that I was just not ready for a relationship, that I was stressed out by the social pressure, but now, at 19, I read for the first time stories where I find myself, just here. I told myself that the aromantism was not as big a revelation as to be discovered attracted by the same sex for example. Well, I was wrong. It's hard, it's fucking hard tu figure out what will be my life sometimes. Aromantic was a word so far away from me, and now I feel scared. But I can see that it's ok, that I'm not alone. So... thanks in advance for your help. Being here will surely help me to see more clearly and to understand myself better.
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