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  1. I get (what I assumed were) crushes on people really quickly and I'm usually not nervous/embarrassed/flustered/etc around them. I'm also not hesitant at all about asking the people out. On the two most recent occasions, after I was turned down by a girl I asked out, I immediately stopped having a crush on her. Later, I asked out a guy who became my boyfriend, but literally after the second date I realized that I didn't really like him *like that* and felt kind of awkward about us continuing to go out. Since my crushes disappeared so quickly and were never that deep in the first place, I've been wondering if they were just performative and based on that I liked them as a friend and thought that they were hot. I also don't really understand how a boyfriend/girlfriend is any different from a friend that you're sexually attracted to. I think I might be aromantic, but for now I'm just really confused. Please help!
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