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  1. I'm also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--albeit a bit less active of a member at the moment. I agree that the doctrine taught in the church is very inclusive and loving, but I find it difficult to continue interacting with other members of the faith (hence, I don't attend church often anymore). I think I begin to feel a bit alienated and almost guilty because I'm aro but not ace. Romantic love and sexual love are divine by the Latter-day Saint doctrine. Do I get married to someone I am sexually but not romantically attracted to, some imaginary figure I have taken to calling my "monogamous sexual partner," which may be making a mockery of marital relationships? Or do I continue in a voluntary vow of celibacy until some promised day when I might be granted to gift of feeling romantic love? Which is more important? Sexual love or romantic love? In the church, it seems like romantic love takes precedence. I wonder, too, if similar dilemmas exist for those of different faiths?
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